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The Chwee

The Chwee are large, hairy humanoids, standing over seven feet tall, and having large feet. They live in an abandoned hilltop village near where (they claim) the zilant Yaqub resides. It is not clear how many there are, but three (two adults, one youngster) have been encountered.   The Chwee survive by hunting and gathering, though they may also perform some sorts of services for Yaqub. They were unwilling to discuss anything specific about him, making it clear that they fear him, but when Lokan offered to trade them a bear trap and a garrote of his own making, they did provide the party with some information about Yaqub's lair and some of its residents.   Initially, one of the adults bumped into Lokan by accident near the village gate. Thinking that he and his companions had harmed their youngster, they nearly clubbed him to death, but were then intimidated by Yuri into a parlay. In exchange for the tools (which they regard as 'magic', they disclosed information about Yaqub's size (immense), his servants (many, including some possibly canine ones), his treasure (vast and 'magical'), his children (serpentine and possibly humanoid), and the fact that a new consignment of slaves had arrived at his lair recently.   The Chwee may have their own tongue, but at least one of them spoke rudimentary Kochmak. They were also adept at mimicking animal sounds (particularly, owl hoots). It is not clear whether they have personal names.   Presumably, they are still in their village, or somewhere nearby.   They appear in Chapter 15.

Current Location
The Village of the Chwee
Brown, copious
Over 7 feet (adults), just under 5 (youngster)
250 - 300 lbs.

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