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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

The Chwee are hairy humanoids. Adults stand over seven feet tall, and have large feet. They are a simple people with few tools, and are quite impressed with metal implements (which they consider to be magical). They are stealthy, and quite adept at using spiked wooden cudgels as weapons.   It is not clear how many Chwee there are. Three have been encountered in the vicinity of what is supposed to be the lair of the zilant Yaqub, but there may be more. They live in a village on the next hill over from what is supposed to be his lair. They moved into this village, which remains in disrepair, after Yaqub supposedly destroyed the previous (presumably human) residents. They survive by hunting and gathering, though they seem to know something about Yaqub, and may serve him in some capacity, since they have not been killed.   The Chwee may have their own language, but some can speak a rudimentary Kochmak, and are good at mimicking the sound of animals (like owls). It is not clear whether 'Chwee' is a family name or an ethnonym.

Average Height
Over seven feet (adults)
Average Weight
250 + pounds

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