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The Village of the Chwee

The village of the Chwee is a burnt-out settlement apparently on top of the hill next to Yaqub's lair. It is located across the river from Udyn, and then about 10 versts upstream, near a bend in the Udena.   The village stands in a clearing atop a hill. It consists of three dozen or so structures and a perimeter fence. Many parts of it have been burned down, presumably by Yaqub, though some of the structures are still habitable, at least in summer. It is not clear how long ago the village was burnt down - it now smells damp, which suggests that it happened a while ago.   The original residents were either killed or driven off, but now, the village is inhabited by a group of large, hairy humanoids who speak a broken version of the Kochmak tongue, and call themselves the Chwee. It is certain that a family group of three (two parents and a youngster) live in a hut near the gate, but there may be others.


Partly destroyed perimeter fence

Industry & Trade

Hunting, possibly service of Yaqub


Unclear. Village was built before its current inhabitants appeared there.


Burnt and dilapidated wooden huts


On a hilltop, near a bend in the Udena River, on the western bank.

Unclear - probably several years

Three, maybe more
Inhabitant Demonym
Characters in Location

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