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Terentii Timofeevich

Terentii Timofeevich is the proprietor of the waystation in the village of Lazarevo, and the husband of Irina Aleksandrovna, its hostess. The main purpose of the waystation is to house Yam messengers and to provide horses to passing messengers if needed. However, the waystation serves as a hostel for other travelers, or even for locals. He is the only known survivor (aside from Yaakov's mother, and possibly Plamen's grandmother Olga) to return to Trofimovka from captivity.   Terentii is a man in his 50s, and slightly hunchbacked. He is businesslike, and willing to be flexible and discreet if it is in his interests. He has exchanged a night's stay for Plamen's magical berries on several occasions, rather than charging coin. He has also kept information about guests secret from the local authorities (Hegumen Yaakov) if they had paid him. He has a sense of pride about his connection to the Yam, and his knowledge of the Kochmak tongue. He is also proud of how many children he has.   Terentii's current whereabouts are unknown, though he is still presumably running the waystation in Lazarevo.

Current Location
5 feet 3 inches
138 pounds

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