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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Svetlana is the paramour of Yuri Barolov. He met her in Vladykino when she came to purchase a horse from one of his older brothers, and he has been carrying a torch for her ever since.   She was driven off by Kochmak raiders while Yuri was off getting help from the Archbishop of Ladeisk, and it seemed that she was lost to him forever. A month later, he and his companions discovered her and other women of Vladykino in the lair of Yaqub the Serpent, apparently intended to be one of his concubines. According to servitors set over the captive women, she and the others had ingested some water in the lair, and forgot about their past, and lived only for Yaqub, their new master. Agapia caused Svetlana to recollect something about Vladykino, which caused her to shed a tear, but the magic was not strong enough to overcome the magic that bound her to her new home and master. Yaqub's demise did not remove the enchantment. When the party did succeed in removing the enchantment by throwing Yaqub's treasure in the pool, Svetlana regained her memory, and acknowledged Yuri.   After returning to Ladeisk with the party and the rest of the captives, Svetlana was placed, along with the rest of Yaqub's former prisoners, into the Convent of the Dormition, while her old home was being rebuilt. Yuri visited her their, and spoke about future plans. Svetlana was enthusiastic to marry as soon as possible, but she insisted that Yuri find a permanent position with Prince Trofim Andreevich, and find a new home in Ladeisk. She strenuously argued against returning to Udyn to seek Yuri's (and her own) remaining relatives, perceiving this to be a fool's errand, and an endangerment to their own future happiness.   Svetlana is in the Convent of The Dormition in Ladeisk. She appears in Chapters 20, 21, 22, and 23.
Year of Birth

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