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Some rude fisher children

This is a group of children who live in a fishing village between 5 to 10 versts upstream from the city of Udyn. There are roughly a dozen of them (though more may live in the village).   The children are Kochmaki, and they are not too favorably disposed toward Noriki Gaalites. Or at least they weren't on one particular day. They made fun of Yuri Barolov and Lokan, and said that no one wanted to buy the skinny cow they were trying to sell.   The children were apparently kept under control once the companions started dealing with the town adults, who were more favorably disposed toward the travelers, and attributed their behavior to childish hijinks.   The children reappear after the party relocates to Shatkal on their way back from Udyn. They are disrespectful to Zinovii's party, and justify this by the poor behavior of the Noriki guests on their last visit. They are also rude to Yuri, when he returns to the village, and one child flings a mudball at him when he is not looking. Nevertheless, after being paid with coin, the children take the visitors to Erken.   The gang leader of the children is named Ahmed.   The children appear in Chapters 7, 13 and 14.

Current Location

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