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Sen'ka Radomirovich

A person-at-arms in the service of the Archbishop of Ladeisk. Sen'ka led a dozen of so riders, at Yuri Barolov's request, from Malinka to Vladykino. Yuri wanted the men to follow the Kochmaki raiders to free his captured family, but Sen'ka countered that his mission consisted only in securing any ownership records (there weren't any), and seeing if the mill outside the village survived the raid (it did). He (and his boss) had no intention of risking their people in a fool's fight against the Kochmaki, and he intended to immediately return to Malinka (along with any survivors). Sen'ka reported to the Archbishop immediately after the party's return to Malinka.   Fedor and Alden Gravenitch were under Sen'ka's command on the expedition to Vladykino.   Sen'ka appears in Chapters 1 and 2.


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