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Olga, Plamen's Grandmother

Olga is Plamen's human grandmother, mother of his human father, Pavel. She lives in the village of Lazarevo, and resided in the village of Trofimovka that stood on the same site before its destruction by the Kochmaki 40 years ago. When Plamen came to her to ask her about the old village and the possibility of any surviving treasure, she told him that nothing survived, though she knows that all the treasure was taken by the raiders from the headman. She also confirmed what he heard from Mother Nadezhda - that Taras Trofimov did nothing to help the people living in his village. She also confirms the story that Hegumen Yaakov's mother was the only survivor of the raid (it is not clear how this squares with her claim to have lived in Trofimovka before the raid).   Olga is an older woman, probably in her fifties. She seems canny and well-informed. She was curious about who her grandson's strange companions (Chonkorchuk and Rodion) were, and was aware that Lionia the Red was staying in the waystation at that time.   She is probably still living at the family house in Lazarevo.

Current Location

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