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Medunitsa is a small village, 2 versts northwest of Yelizarovo. Like the former, it is owned by the Yelizarov family, and is situated on the Lyapsia Stream.   As the name implies, Medunitsa is famed for its apiaries. One of the more notable ones was Lionia the Red, who had a hut in the village, and kept bees in his yard.   Many of the villagers are trappers, and participate in the harvesting of furs. Some are also involved in smuggling from time to time - a few members of Radei Lopukh's band hail from Medunitsa.   Raskel wintered near Medunitsa in fox form, keeping an eye on the house Lionia abandoned after he left the region.

Industry & Trade

Trapping, honey production

Natural Resources

Honey, furs
Slightly over 100
Related Reports (Primary)

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