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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Mamoun is the ferryman who takes captives to and from Slave Island in the Udena River. He appears knowledgeable, but demands payment for information.   The companions were directed to him by Kardysh, an official in charge of the docks in Udyn. Lokan and Yuri asked Mamoun if he knew about Lord Yaqub, who had supposedly bought the young female captives from Vladykino. After being paid, Mamoun told them that Yaqub was actually a zilant - a flying, fire-breathing, two-legged serpent who took wing at night, and likely hunted on the Steppe. Mamoun said Yaqub lived under a hill several versts upriver on the opposite sides of the city, but he claimed that he himself had never been there, as he turned the captives over to Yaqub's agents as soon as he rowed them across. He added that this was not the first time Yaqub received such captives. But he refused to set anything of what he told in writing.   Yaqub supposedly lives in Udyn.   He appears in Chapter 10.

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