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Katarina's family

Members of Katarina's family have been encountered on several occasions. She has several siblings, some of whom were spying on the suitors from nearby when they first came to her door.   Her father, Boris Georgievich, is (or was) on good terms with Zhitko, who he apparently invited to stay in the village. He (and one of his sons) also interacted with Annar, who wanted them to make him a volot-sized sword out of an anvil he acquired from the smugglers.   Katarina's mother, Naina Kharitonovna, once chased away Chonkorchuk, after the hermit led the party to the girl's house, to tell her that he would meet her outside the village. Naina Kharitonovna did not think that men visiting her unmarried daughter was appropriate.   As far as anyone knows, the family remained behind in Lazarevo after Katarina's departure with the Yokels.

Current Location

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