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Heathen Shrine in the Otherworld

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This shrine was the first place the adventurers discovered in the Otherworld after climbing down into the hole long hidden by Baba Yaga. They ended up in a walled compound built of brightly painted beams. Inside the compound stood carved idols and standing stones which were crowned with images of the Old Gods. A high-gabled and roofed wooden temple was the centerpiece of the compound. It was entirely empty of statuary, but had a central hearth which burned, but radiated no heat. The temple ceiling was covered by mystical carvings similar to those that covered the inside of Chonkorchuk's hermitage. The entire compound was situated upon an outcropping on a snowy plain, with woods and lakes glittering off in the distance. A doomstone stood a short ways away, at the bottom of the outcropping.   The temple, and the entire compound were devoid of any offerings, but nevertheless, they were clean, as if someone were taking care of them. That entity, if there was one, never revealed itself to the adventurers.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
The Otherworld
Related Report (Primary Locations)

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