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Hans and Franz

These two are persons-at-arms who were in the service of Andreas von Drachenberg's team of Ritterheim Knights. Hans and Franz were not themselves knights, and though they had combat training, they also performed service duties like grooming the Knight's horses, guarding prisoners, and serving meals. They did not ride themselves, and possessed no evident magical ability. They also did not speak the Norik tongue. Unlike the knights, they wielded crossbows, however.   The pair did not enter into open conflict with the Yokels until the end of their brief relationship. They were mostly set over the prisoners as guards (a job they did not perform with great effectiveness). In the end, Hans was in the camp near Baba Yaga's compound along with Dietlieb and Father Sigismund when it was assaulted by the main group of the Yokels, and after they were defeated, he surrendered, along with Dietlieb, and was then turned over to Baba Yaga. As for Franz, he followed Plamen and Khurshid as they circled around the compound, testing the Crone's defenses, but after the guardian skulls assaulted them with balls of fire, they were able to sneak away. That was the last sighting of Franz by any party member.   Neither of the twain has been seen since, and their whereabouts are unknown.


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