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Father Sigismund

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Father Sigismund is a religious figure associated with the Knights of Ritterheim. His exact profession and relationship with them is unknown, though Chonkorchuk took him to be some sort of magus or warlock. He was able to speak in a booming voice, to detect the invisible fefila when it sneaked into his tent, and to banish it, to heal the wounds of the party members when he required them to perform dangerous work, and to silence spells uttered by other casters.   The Father is a rather short, bony man with sharp facial features and intense eyes. He dressed in red robes, wore a red, wide-brimmed hat, expensive furs, and carried a metallic staff.   Sigismund possessed an expertise in languages (including Norik), and took a lead in the interrogations of the party members after they were captured. Part of the reason for the interrogations was to discover what abilities the companions possessed, what they knew about the Otherworld and its denizens, and how they could be useful to the knights.   Sigismund and the knights he worked with were primarily interested in finding their way to Baba Yaga's compound, where they intended to force Khurshid ibn Ali and Plamen to work for the crone in order to win a wondrous horse for their services - a horse the knights apparently meant to take with them. After Plamen and Khurshid sneaked away from the knights on the other side of the River of Fire, their companions assaulted the remaining knights, and appeared to kill Sigismund in battle. Andreas von Drachenberg, the leader of the knights, rode in to scoop up Sigismund's body, and rode away with it, though it is not known whether he was already dead or not.   He has not been seen by the party members since then, and is currently presumed dead.
Year of Death
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Druvvaldis' dog in a battle in Baba Yaga's domain (?)
Skin Tone
5'3" (or so)
Not much over 100 lbs.

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