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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Dietlieb is a Knight of Ritterheim, who served under Andreas von Drachenberg. Like Andreas, he wears heavy mail, fights with sword and spear, and displays the Knight's chess knight device on his shield and over his armor. He also rides a warhorse, and like the other knights, possesses the facility to dismiss or summon it when he needs to. And he can perform certain magic, projecting a light-like, searing beam from his sword during combat. Unlike Sigismund and Andreas, Dietlieb was not able to speak the Norik tongue.   Dietlieb, along with his comrade Hubertus, tried to take Chonkorchuk prisoner after their team had captured the rest of his companions, but his invisibility saved him, and he later was able to negotiate his freedom with Andreas. He was subsequently taken prisoner by the Yokels in the battle in Baba Yaga's realm, but his subsequent fate after the companions turned him over to the crone is unknown.

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