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Andreas von Drachenberg

Andreas is the leader of a team of Ritterheim Knights that Yaga's Yokels encountered in the Otherworld, near and in the Crone's Realm. His precise standing in the Order is unknown.   He is a tall, powerful man, with shoulder-length hair, and an imperious gaze. He wears heavy mail, draped over with a vest displaying the Knights' symbol - a black chess knight over a white field. He is adept at the use of the longsword and rides a war horse. He has facility with magical powers, being able to heal wounds, and to call up a brilliant light which burns opponents when he strikes them with this sword. He, like the other knights, also seem to be able to summon and dismiss their horses at will.   Andreas can be rough and uncompromising in pursuing his goals. He captured most of the Yokels, and used them as bait to lure those they had not yet caught. He threatened to kill the captives in order to get Chonkorchuk to surrender, though when the hermit made a case that he could better cooperate while uncaptured, Andreas agreed with his reasoning. He is certainly not above using torture to get what he wants, and oversaw (or at least approved) the interrogation presided over by Father Sigismund (whom he treated as an equal).   Andreas' goals were to get hold of one of Baba Yaga's famous horses by forcing Khurshid ibn Ali and Plamen, both of which have facility with equines and other animals, to perform a service for the crone, and then taking the horse (or horses) thereby won for themselves.   Andreas and some of his underlings forced Plamen and Khurshid to walk around the bone walls of Baba Yaga's, testing her defenses and seeking a way in. When the two captives were assaulted by fireballs expelled by skull guardians, Andreas healed them, but insisted that they continue, though he soon lost track of them. While their companions assaulted the other knights back in their camp a short ways away, Andreas rode in to take the fallen body of Father Sigismund (though it is not clear whether Sigismund survived the battle). Andreas rode away with it, and has not been seen by the companions since.   It recently became known that Alden Gravenitch, a wolf shapechanger in the After the Raid campaign, was a slave of Andreas in his order's lands for many years. He was highly abusive toward his servitor, and took great delight in torturing him, though he also gave him the only name he remembers (it may be a corruption of his original name). Andreas came under the assault of another knight which gave young Alden the chance to escape. Alden has not seen Andreas since then, but his companion Augusta read of his former master in a book dealing with the Order that was found in the lair of the serpent Yaqub.   Andreas' current whereabouts are unknown.

nearly six feet
160 or 170

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