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A hostel owner

This is a middle-aged man who own a hostel at the center of the Norik neighborhood in Udyn's Nart Quarter. He entertained Lokan, Alden and Yaakov one night, after they had been released from custody by the vizier, and granted some restitution money. The owner asked them if they wanted companionship for the night, and after they assented, he sent them three girls he said were his nieces. When they questioned whether the girls were healthy, he acted offended, and said that he ran a respected establishment, and did not like his family insulted. Two of the girls did turn out to carry infections diagnosed by Yaakov, however.   The following day, Lokan and Alden ask him to leave a message to the still-slumbering Yaakov. The message was that they have gone to see Berke.   The hostel owner is still in the Nart Quarter, as far as anyone knows.   He appears in Chapters 13 and 14.


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