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A captain of the city watch

This official was encountered in Veche Square in Krinets in the wake of the confrontation with the runaway bear and his trainer. Though the bear had attacked Sasha unprovoked, his trainer demanded recompense for wounding him, as he would not now be able to perform. The trainer drew the attention of the city watch, and the captain threatened to drag members of both sides before the magistrate, until Rogdai Siverskii and Sasha convinced him to let the Yokels go free.   The captain reappeared several days later, after the confrontation with the navii in the streets, where sorcery was responsible for multiple deaths, and significant damage. Since this was the second altercation the Yokels were involved in, the captain arrested Tumma, to ensure that they appear before the magistrate to account for their actions. The following day, Chonkorchuk attended the captain in the citadel, to persuade him to release Tumma. In response, the captain openly solicited a bribe, and then said that while that amount would ensure that the rest of the Yokels can avoid the magistrate, Tumma would remain imprisoned. The sailor then convinced Chonkorchuk that things would blow over, and told him to leave for Kaverinka, where he would later meet them.   The captain has not been encountered since, and presumably, he remains at his post in Krinets.

Current Location

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