Graser Warhead

Graser Warheads are an example of more... sensible archeotechs. It doesn't use unexplained particles, nor it has a power source that is completely impossible to comprehend by current age scientists. It is simple a more advanced version of technology available to Mankind.   Graser Warhead is essentially a scaled up version of Energy Warhead. Rather than being a single use Vaser EW with propulsion that allows it to get closer to enemy before firing at it, it is a single use Graser EW with propulsion that allows it to get cloer to enemy before firing out.   It doesn't even possess some impossible to understand power source, only power capacitors (that are the key part of it, since they are generations better than current cutting edge technology) and quite simple nuclear reactor supposed to deliver power to the propulsion and guidance systems (while the power capacitors are responsible for the two second long graser ray that is this weapon's way of dealing damage.


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