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Loon Unit TG1-00025-1-R Segal

Loon Unit TG1-00025-1-R Segal

Loon is an MD-160 Lun-class ekranoplan that was originally activated with the intent of fighting in the third world war on the Russian/Asian side, but due to the AI technology being so new to them, was instead used as a guinea pig for psychological experimentation.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though he's perfectly functional, he certainly looks like he's seen better days, with the rust spotting here and there and some chipped paint, but he doesn't show too much desire to do anything about this until it has to be done, saying he, "doesn't want to burden anyone with all the maintenance."

Identifying Characteristics

The easiest way to identify him is, well, he's the only vehicle of his kind, but if you're talking beyond that, it's mainly the dark red optics, rust, and the little "!" symbol on each side of his fuselage. These are there for the simple purpose of letting others know he's not a completely stable individual; being prone to things like panic attacks and shutting down under certain conditions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Loon, like others of his kind, were near identical to US/EU variant MAI, but were technology stolen by the Russian/Asian side due to needing an edge against the enemy without having the time to develop their own version of the tech. This being said, even though they could replicate the AI, they weren't completely aware of how they worked, so in order to manage this problem, discreet facilities were set up to run tests on the AI and see how they behaved and reacted to certain stimuli. Unfortunately, Loon was one of these subjects, and was held in a facility in northwestern Russia for nearly 4 years, where he and a small group of others were the experimental group for how MAI reacted to certain negative stimuli. After the war, though, said facility was abandoned and all the MAI were put into shutdown mode and left to rot with the building. That is, until the facility was found by a small flight-group of aviary MAI that got curious as to what was in it, and to their horror, found still living MAI inside. The facility was searched and all the MAI were moved outside and activated. While all were certainly.. alive, the majority of them had been reduced to such a manic state from the testing, they could barely function, and had to be put down. Loon was almost added to this list, until one of the volunteer units helping clean the facility, Kelly Segal , stepped in the way, insisting he saw the ability for Loon to recover. As Loon slowly recovered from his state, Kelly was by his side the whole time, and the two quickly became close friends, and as the years passed, the two developed feelings for each other, and in 2023, they married. In the present day, Loon lives on the south coast of Spain with his now husband Kelly Segal, and along with smaller side jobs, he mainly works with historical/awareness groups on the history of the third world war, He primarily specializes with covering the Russian experimental MAI facilities; much like the one he was held in. Though the topic still bothers him greatly, he sees it as working towards the greater good that people know what happened in the past to his kind so that in the future, similar mistakes won't be made with others, and that the much darker aspects of history aren't forgotten.

Mental Trauma

Due to his experiences in his early life, he has a lot of lingering mental turmoil that mostly manifests itself in flashbacks from specific outer stimuli, whether it be certain noises, locations and physical contact. His condition has improved greatly over the years, far from the utter mess he was after being freed from the facility, but it's something that will obviously never truly leave him.

Neutral Good
Livastian MAI
Nautical MAI
Year of Birth
1981 (77 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Activated to fight in the third world war, but never saw action
He mainly identifies as gay, having been with Kelly the majority of his life whom takes on the same label.
Gender Identity
Loon is a very male leaning bot, with the deeper voice and more masculine-associated mannerisms.
deep, garnet red
286 tons
Known Languages
Russian, French, English, Spanish, German

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