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Livastian MAI

Livastian Military AI are an uncommon but prominent subgroup of LAI that were the first type of LAI created. MAI, in which were spawned from the third world to fight on the behalf of and alongside human troops. An MAI can be anything from a small fighter plane to a massive aircraft carrier, and had the technological advantage of quicker wits and better understanding of their vessels than their human companions. The only flaw to these percievably perfect war machines, though, is that their minds weren't built for war. The 'boxes' or containers of their AI were built to mimic the human mind along with the full range of emotions, and were to be more pacifist by nature, but during desperate times, the government called for these boxes to be put into weaponry for the need to find a way to gain the advantage over the enemy.   This worked out for a while, but it began to crumble when MAI began feeling sympathy for their enemy counterparts and would refuse to fight; even going as far as to violently lash out at their own crew members or shut down. Fighting was put to a quite abrupt halt when a region-wide ceasefire took place- not by choice of the human commanders, but the AI. Rather than fire at each other, tanks simply approached each other and stopped, and planes flew past one another; completely ignoring their crew's attempts at manual control.

Basic Information


MAI can be anything from a small fighter plane to a massive aircraft carrier, but the one thing they all have in common is, well, they're all military vessels. If it was a vessel used in war, it's an MAI. If it's a conventional robot like an E-20 or ADU-08, then its simply an LAI.   With a quick glance at a group of MAI, it's easy to point out that some models should have an evident mechanical disadvantage over others, such as Ferdinand tanks and various prototype planes. This however, isn't necessarily the case, as upon installation of the vessels' AI, physical modifications were also made to the vessels such as better performing engines and stronger components, improving the units' performance.

Biological Traits

Regardless of type, all MAI have some basic anatomy in common. The presence of a box, artificial nerves, optics, and audio receptors.

Growth Rate & Stages

MAI don't visibly age beyond weathering of their vessel, (which can be easily repaired) but mature extremely fast due to their incapability to forget things. This makes learning language extremely easy, and a newly activated MAI could be forming sentences by one to two weeks of age if raised around talkative peers. An MAI, depending on their amount of exposure to the world, can be considered mature at as young as five to six years old, and are capable of living as long as 440 years at the best, and 380 at the least.

Ecology and Habitats

MAI, depending on type, can be found just about anywhere. On land? Tanks. In the sky? Planes and helicopters. The sea? You guessed it, there's ship MAI there, too. They tend to stay in and around their country of origin, but as they have free will, they're not bound to stay there.

Dietary Needs and Habits

MAI can run on a variety of fuels. During the third world war, they ran on traditional gasoline, but as time went on, were converted to be able to use more sustainable substances such as plant-based fuel, or even just water. This makes sustaining themselves much easier, and is the main reason feral MAI are so rarely seen in urban areas; they can just find a lake and refuel there.

Biological Cycle

Physically, MAI don't change much beyond weathering, which is something that can be easily tended to. For feral MAI, though, there's the added plant growth that comes with decades of lack of maintenence in the wilderness.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

On average, MAI surpass the average intelligence of a human at about seven years of age. As mentioned earlier, the inability to forget things makes learning much easier and faster.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Despite lacking the senses of taste and smell, MAI excel with their 80-20 vision and keen sense of hearing. They are also capable of feeling touch - at different sensitivities depending on type, (tanks don't feel quite as precisely as planes or other vessels with thinner armor, whom are able to feel things as small as individual pebbles) but can only feel varying pressures and are incapable of feeling 'true' pain even if they can differentiate it from regular contact.   MAI have a peculiar quirk similar to horses in that they can read micro-expressions on people. There was a horse nicknamed 'Clever Hans' that made itself a reputation by making it seem like they could do math. The Hans was given an equation, and they'd paw out the number for their answer. What they actually did was paw at the ground until their owner's micro-expression changed, and then stopped. It's like showing a certain emotion on your face when even you cant notice you're doing it. This tends to make MAI come across as really emotionally intelligent when really it's usually just changes in facial expression are much more obvious to them. Some MAI, though, bothered to use this to their advantage and actually become more so, so if you ever try to lie to an MAI... don't bother, I mean, they can already tell man.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

As with last names, MAI use similar/the same names as humans, but can sometimes be named with nouns such as names like Scout or Typhoon.

Gender Ideals

MAI don't always identify as anything, but it's certainly not uncommon to find ones that do. As they're able to freely modify their voices, its mainly conveyed through that or cosmetics.

Courtship Ideals

MAI, like usual, have similar courtship habits as humans. MAI, though, rely more on physical contact as a display of affection.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are generally widely accepted in the MAI community, as they are capable of feeling romantic attraction and are a very social 'species.' And in some places, it's not rare to find an MAI romantically involved with a human, some groups view it as taboo, but it makes more sense when it's taken into consideration that the AI that are housed in MAI were designed to mimic the human mind.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

MAI can speak any language, but the most common first language is English or Russian. Not a first, but the primary language for MAI to one another is Clicktone, a language compromised of various clicks and beeps that allows for fast verbal or transmitted communication. This is the most commonly used language among feral MAI as they so rarely come into contact with humans.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

A common custom among MAI and LAI in general is celebrating the day they were built/activated. This is particularly special for American and European MAI because, well, most of them share the same birthday. The large majority of MAI were all actived on Dec 31st, 1979, so not only are the birthdays of these units celebrated, but there's also New Year's Eve.   Other commonly celebrated days are the day of the year that marked the end of the Third World War, and the anniversary of the conception of Livastia.

Common Taboos

The main taboo associated with MAI is the ability to be romantically involved with humans. This is obviously unavoidable as humans couldn't even accept different races and sexualities as equal, so just like those, this is something that may eventually pass.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

MAI are most commonly romantically involved with each other, but it's also not rare to find humans and MAI in relationships; even if by some, it is frowned upon.

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Livastian Military Artifical Intelligence
Livastian Artifical Intelligence
Anywhere from 380 to 440 years
Conservation Status
MAI don't have much need to be conserved in the present day as almost all whom survived the third world war are still alive, and as they aren't an organic species that can reproduce, they will simply eventually fade out of existence, marking the end of a very historically prominent era.

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