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Aviary MAI

Aviary MAI are any MAI that can fly, this encompasses planes, helicopters and drones of any size that were activated during the war.


Major language groups and dialects

An MAI can learn/speak just about any language they want, but their first language primarily relies on the main language of those around them. For example, You could have a unit from any country of origin, but if they aren't exposed to anything from it after activation, aside from looks they'd be none the wiser. This is because MAI aren't pre-programmed with much of anything aside from basic motor function, but learn rapidly from then on.

Common Etiquette rules

Etiquette is the same with all MAI, but a fun little bit of aviary exclusive etiquette is when it rains - they're by no means obligated, but it's polite for winged aviary MAI to let smaller bots and humans walk with them under their wings if they don't have umbrellas. So it's not uncommon to see a group of people scuttling around under a plane when you're walking down the street.

Funerary and Memorial customs

After an MAI dies, it sometimes depends on their vessel what is done with them afterwards. If it was a more common type of vehicle, say, a T-34, chances are their components would be recycled. If it was a rarer model on the other hand, parts of the AI are carefully removed from the vessel, and it is then moved to an archive/museum.


Courtship Ideals

Like most MAI, aviary MAI mostly use physical contact to show romantic involvement. The most common display is tapping noses, which is basically like kissing. A surefire way to spot an aviary MAI in a committed relationship is if their nose looks particularly weathered or is missing a bit of paint. They also enjoy chillin' out under each other: like if one or both of them are planes, they try their darnedest to wedge themselves under their partner's wing and it's kinda funny to watch them try.

Languages spoken

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