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General Military Restoration Facilities

Essentially healthcare for MAI

Military Restoration Facilities are massive archives dedicated to preserving the blueprints of all military hardware for the purpose of maintaining the material products they instruct the creation of. So in short, if an MAI of a more rare or obscure model finds itself damaged and parts aren't readily available, these are the facilities that get to create that part.

Public Agenda

The obvious primary agenda is to ensure the longest possible preservation of military hardware of all kinds for not only the sake of the livlihood of said units, but also so that their vessels can be maintained for the education/awareness of future generations.


As these facilities are funded by the Livastian Alliance, they have whatever supplies needed in order to carry out their jobs properly, which means plenty of metal, electrical components and the equipment to work them into usable parts.  



These facilities were founded some time after the Third World War ended, and governing bodies were starting to think, "Oh god... Look at all of these important historical vehicles we just crammed sapience into, what have we done oh sh-" so they really had to come up with something to do about that! The simplest solution to come to mind was to simply make sure they were maintained well, so it quickly became a priority to find the blueprints for the model of every existing MAI, and archive them for easy access in the event that one came up injured. It's essentially become the MAI health insurance that they have no matter what, so, that's good.

Founding Date
Civil Services
Alternative Names
More formally GMR/MRF, but also just "the shop," or "the mechanic" as more slang terms
Related Professions

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