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Nautical MAI

Nautical MAI are any MAI capable of traversing water; mainly pertaining to boats, but can also encompass amphibious vehicles.


Common Etiquette rules

Catering to smaller bots/humans is never an obligation, but sometimes it's certainly nice to give your friends a lift along the coast while on your own errands. If a nautical MAI (preferably a boat) stays along the coast, it definitely isn't frowned upon to give some people a lift if they're all going to the same place.


Beauty Ideals

Not exclusive to Nautical MAI, obviously, but due to their sheer size, they make wonderful canvases. It's not uncommon at all to see a larger boat MAI/LAI adorned with large murals and sleek or intricate designs. Not only does it make them stand out, but it's a breath of fresh air compared to the usual solid grey paint job.

Relationship Ideals

Unlike smaller MAI, most nautical MAI cant exactly rely on contact to show affection since due to their size, it has the potential to be damaging to their hulls. Instead, they just rely on verbal reassurance or closer proximity. This is harder to notice from the outside, though, so if you really want to know if two are dating you just... ask them. I mean, it ain't rude, man.

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