Aetheric Quill

She arrived at the shop anticipating her new quill. She had been saving up for this for months now and was finally able to place an order for an aetheric quill of her design. Walking quickly to the counter she explains she is here to pick up the quill that she ordered. The Arcanist brought out a hand-carved wood box and pulled it open to reveal the brilliantly red-colored and green dyed stripes of her family colors. The gorgeous piece gleamed in the light globes that lit the room.
— Picking up your new quill

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Aetheric Quills function by absorbing aetheric energy from the open flows of aether in the area around the quill. The aetheric energy is gathered within the enchanted Orichalcum and fed into an extremely thin formed tube of Mythril that run along the inside of the quill and forming the writing point. The enchantment then turns the gathered aether into an ink-like flow that can be used to write on nearly any solid substance.

Manufacturing process

The creation process of making an Aetheric Quill starts with the harvesting of the five outer wing feathers from each goose. The feathers are then cleaned, dried, and preservation spells are sealed into the feather. Next, the end is carved into a writing point and Orichalcum is poured into the feather channel, the end is temporarily sealed and the feather spun to completely coat the internal walls of the channel with the powders. After the coating has been completed an Arcanist will then enchant the feather activate the Orichalcum to collect the aether that is drawn to the feather. The final process is magically melding the Mythril ink channel into the stem of the feather and attaching the writing head to the tip. Special ordered quills may have a wooden carved finger grip attached for more comfortable use as well as coloring and/or patterning on the feather. These can also be added later on if the owner wishes.


As printing technology has continued to advance, high-quality ink for scribing and spellcraft has significantly risen in price over the last five years. This shortage and cost of ink have led to trying to find an alternative way to produce high-quality documents, scrolls, and tome without the need for ink. Through an advanced research group within the Otemus Arcanium, they were able to develop an enchanted quill that enabled writing at a cheaper cost overall, that only required buying once and required no other supplies to produce writing.

Item type
3 oz
17-23 cm
Base Price
50 gp
Raw materials & Components
  • One feather from the rare Nevar Goose
  • 1.5 grams of Orichalcum
  • 8 cm Mythril tube with a diameter of .3 mm wide.
  • A writing head made of either gold or silver.


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