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Otemus Arcanium

With great power, comes a commitment to use it responsibly and with restraint. The arcane once ran rampant on Rinas, wielded by cruel kin of The Elven Conclave. Their power unchecked bound our peoples in chains for millenniums until we learn to channel their own power against them. The devastation, travesties, and horrors both sides inflicted made us realize we can not allow this to happen again. I give to you our Otemus Arcanium, those who will set down the rules and control so that we may never again live in fear of the arcane.
— Yaltis Otemus 


The governing body of the Essaed Magocracy and Otemus Academy is structured heavily on ones' dominance in arcane abilities, knowledge, and talent. Politicking, assassination, and espionage are a way of life and power within all leadership of the Magocracy and the Arcanium. The leadership is also sometimes referred to as the Essaed Arcanist Council.

Council Structure

  • Grand Magus: The Grand Magus is the head of the Essaed governing body as well as head of the Academy. The Grand Magus along with the council control all decisions made for the Magocracy and the Academy, they have the final vote in any tied decision of the council and in extreme cases can overrule a decision voted on by the council. The Grand Magus is said to be the most powerful arcanist in all of the Magocracy.
  • Arch Magus: Twelve of the most powerful arcanists sit on the council that rules the government and Academy. All are in charge of voting on changes for anything that affects the Magocracy or the running of the Academy. Each council member also is responsible for overseeing the operation of various departments within the Academy.

The structure of the academy is tied in very directly with the governing body of the Essaed Magocracy and the Otemus Academy. New, or more apt, replacement Arch Magus comes from the educational and student body of the Academy.

Academy Structure

  • Master: Title for long-standing and powerful arcanists who take orders from the Arch Magus of the council on directions for teaching, curriculum, discipline, research, experimentation, and operations. These members are the professors, specialists, and commanders for day to day operations within the Academy. In general, a Master has spent at least twenty or more years studying, researching, and developing their powers before testing to have risen to this ranking.
  • Adept: Highly advanced members of the Arcanium. These students continued their education and advancement for many years ingraining themselves in the study of arcane, experimentation, and research. Many at this rank go on to become an assistant to a Master of a specific matter and study under them to advance in that discipline or craft. An Adept has studied for at least ten years as a Disciple before being allowed to test into Adept ranking.
  • Disciple: Disciples are members of the Arcanium who has completed their full advanced curriculum that the Academy has to offer. After their graduation, there are three paths that most disciples may take, the first being going into advanced studies working towards Adept status or the second being going to work for Arcanium in an external capacity. This usually entails working at one of the branch monitoring offices in a city, a wandering watcher that travels to the continent, as well, working in roles as advisors among various companies, militaries, and governments. Lastly, they may leave the Academy as an advanced graduate and pursue their life as they choose.
  • Apprentice: Apprentices are fully indoctrinated students of the Arcanium. Apprentices will spend a minimum of five years exhaustingly master their arcane arts and craft through advanced classes and self-study. During this time they are taught about the world outside the Arcanium, the countries, the laws, the people, and their duty to secure and protect the arcane to prevent the catastrophes of the past. Once they completed their studies they test to graduate and become full Disciples of the Arcanium.
  • Initiate: After training is completed if a student chooses to stay on for further education they become Initiates of the Arcanium. Initiates are then put through a test to determine their best course of study. After testing, the indoctrination into the order begins with the cutting off of communication with the outside world and a rigorous schedule of classes and study to follow. Initiates go through a minimum of a two-year study plan at which point the indoctrination into the beliefs and philosophy of the Arcanium has been deeply ingrained into the Initiate. At this time if a Master approves, they may be tested to becoming a full Apprentice of the Arcanium.
  • Inductee: The base rank given to all who are brought to the Academy either voluntarily or forced if they accept training to forgo The Severing. This rank is held for life unless the inductee wishes to further their education beyond just learning to cast and control their power. Basic training on average usually lasts for one to two years, but a gifted few completely it in less time. If an inductee can not learn to use and control their power after two years the Arcanium deems that arcanist a danger and will be sentenced to Severing. Once training is completed the Inductee may continue on becoming an Initiate officially joining the Arcanium or be own their way to their own life.


The Arcanium teachings have led to a culture of superiority and arrogance. Those with arcane talents who lived their whole life within or among the Academy have come to believe those without power are less and need to be looked after. They also see themselves as the ultimate authority on arcane knowledge and theory. This isn't true for all members of the Arcanium but is a prevalent stance among its members. This same arrogance has led to the culture of machiavellian tactics being used to gain status and rank, especially among higher-ranking arcanists.

Public Agenda

The Otemus Arcanium public agenda is to maintain the safe and restricted use of magic to prevent the horrors of the past to return. They strive to make sure anyone aether sensitive has the knowledge and the training to use it responsibly. The Arcanium is also responsible for the investigation Volitate or those deem criminal. This is usually done through third parties such as The Blades or adventures for hire.


The Arcanium's most obvious asset is the Otemus Academy, which stands as the main centerpiece for anyone entering the capital, Xergus. The monetary worth of the nation has never been stated, but the number of resources available for arcane use funds the Arcanium and Magocracy's needs efficiently.


At its earliest creation, the Arcanium was about holding those accountable for their power and use of that power through study and practice. The Magocracy was not even a spark of an idea at this time and all that was built was a large academy and the city that quickly built up around it. Striving to operate as a school of arcane academia and gathering of knowledge and research to find ways to use arcane for the good of everyone arcanists flocked from around the world to the academy. Their reasons were multitude, but first of them being able to control and use their magic properly. At this period in time, the arcane arts was not a licensed privilege.

Over the next decade the city of Xergus was founded and thousands of new people arrive over the years. The Academy continues to expand to a building beyond scope and size. A governing council of thirteen of the greatest arcanists is created to oversee the leadership of the ever-growing school and city. By 8001 AC, the Essead Magocracy had officially been established eventually expanding to take much of the eastern coast of the continent.

As the adage goes "Absolute power, corrupts absolutely" with a council based on power soon lead to politicking, accidents (assassinations), and espionage began slowly creeping into the culture of Academy. On the surface, the Academy and the Magocracy ran smoothly, but power struggles were always threatening to boil over.

Early in 8102 AC things were starting to boil over within the Magoracy to the point that threatened the stability of not only the Academy but the fledgling nation itself. Perhaps in a stroke of luck, The Great Realm War quickly embroiled that year and brought the Magocracy together to defend their nation. Due to heavy mountains that form a natural barricade on their western border, they were mainly able to focus on their northern defense which was their only vulnerable spot. Arcane use was all nation was put into devastating effect, learning much from old elven knowledge. The war lasted for over a hundred years, the border of most countries changed drastically except the Magocracy and during that time, it was discovered that the horrors and atrocities powered by arcane magicks not seen since the rebellion had once again been employed against not only military but civilian targets as well. When the treaty accords had finally been signed the fear that the Elves once dominated now forced a new measure to license and control magic. Under the terms of the treaty, the Arcanium would be responsible for education, training, identification, regulation, and punishment of arcanists across all of Rinas.

To this day anyone found capable of access arcane power is identified and brought back to the academy for training and education. Old habits die hard however and soon enough politicking began once more, only more subtle and nuanced than it was previously.


The Essaed Magocracy is under control of the Arcanium and their Essaed Arcanist Council. They hold a large majority of the east coastline of Rinas with their western border protected mainly by multiple sets of large mountain ranges. Essaed has not tried to expand their territory since the end of the war but defends it vehemently against the Holy Kingdoms "peaceful incursions".


The Arcanium provides the Essaed Magocracy with some of the most advanced magical items, tools, and armaments. No other army on Rinas is equipped with as much arcane power as Arcanium provides its country, without another country spending a vast fortune to acquire the same power.

Foreign Relations

The Holy Kingdom of Valadrien

Relations with the The Holy Kingdom of Valadrien have always caused tensions with the Magocracy. Valadrien was always the most adamant country against the licensing of arcanists and preferred a stricter more permanent solution to the arcane problem. This has led to much strife between the cultures of these two nations.


The Kiyokan is the only nation that actively rebels against the precepts laid forth by the Great Hope Treaty. They actively refuse members of the Arcanium from entering their country and taking casters to license and training. Being on opposite sides of the continent has prevented any large-scale confrontations, but this leaves members of the Arcanium wary of any Kiyokan they met outside Kiyoka.

Other Kingdoms

The Magocracy maintains a generally amicable relationship with the rest of the kingdoms providing trade and their continued services in fulfillment of the precept of the treaty.

The Ever Watchful

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7985 AC
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Essaed Arcanist Council
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Unitary state
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Essaed Arcanist Council
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Essaed Arcanist Council
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The Severing

Ultimate punishment for those who defy the rules of Arcanium. Knowing the results many of those who may face it, would choose death first.

The Severing
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