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Dark Elf

Dark elves, or drow, are a subset of elves that worshiped and supported Naltyr during The War of the Gods. Their pacts with Naltyr for power and with his surviving generals after the war to help them go into hiding corrupted their bodies, making their skin a dark ebony and bleached white hair. They are aware of Naltyr's imprisonment, but are very split over what to do about it. Some sects worship Naltyr directly, working to bring him back, while others worship Firion or Jurzigoth who largely work to free themselves from their other planar prisons and replace him, leading to a large amount of in fighting and chaos.      

Redemption (Returning)

  While it is not uncommon for drow to not believe with the religious zealousness of the elite gifted with powers by Firion and Jurzigoth, it is very uncommon for them to hate their society enough to actually try to abandon it, and exceedingly fewer that actually survive these attempts. Those that do survive their brethren's attempts to dissuade them from leaving will often wander only to find themselves inexplicably at an elven forest, where its inhabitants will know that they are returning. They will be welcomed into the community by a leader, religious or otherwise, at which point they experience a change, called Returning.   The results vary from drow to drow, some will simply feel a relief as their connection to Naltyr, both physiological and spiritual, is severed. Others will physically undergo a change, their skin and hair changing to become more in line with their cousins. While their skin is still darker, and the contrast stark to all elves as denoting them to be a drow, for outsiders, only close friends of elves or those who had spent great lengths of time are likely to notice the differences.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Many of them fled underground to escape the purge of Naltyr's influence, but they were able to conceal some cities due to a combination of geography and magic.

Returning - Mechanics

  When playing a returned drow, the player can have them look like a standard drow and use the standard drow racial traits, or they can choose an elven subrace that lives where they returned and use that subrace for both their looks and racial traits.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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