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The War of the Gods

The Beginning

  In the beginning there were only two gods: Daros, the god of order, and Linaria, the goddess of chaos. Daros and Linaria were husband and wife and they used their power in tandem to fill the world, some say the universe, with life. Daros' creations reflected his values and had large focuses on systems of order: laws, traditions, and customs, dwarves being his most proud achievement. Meanwhile, Linaria's took after her and were beings more concerned with self and expression, her favored creation being elvenkind. As they worked together, they would temper the other's creations in order to maintain a balance.   Over time they created minor gods to help them, either creating them from nothing or rewarding favored creations, putting them in charge tasks and domains they were most suited to. One of the most notable among them was a demigod known now only as the Nameless One, who embodied strength, drive, and will power, and it was his duty to inspire and push creations to work towards greater and loftier goals and is credited with pushing the creation of advanced civilizations.  

The War of the Gods

  Over time more and more people worshiped him and he became stronger and stronger, and his own ambitions grew. The Nameless One began to create creatures on his own, without the permission or oversight of either Daros and Linaria, creatures that were known for their greed, ambition, and their often evil and warlike tendencies to achieve their goals. His created numerous creatures from orcs and goblins all the way to dragons, and is even rumored to have created humans. However these creatures were made based on his ideals, and were only concerned about themselves, regardless of the expense of others. They swept across the lands, stealing and killing as they saw fit to get what they wanted, land, possessions, slaves, even taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of others.   As wars raged across Lidoc, the Nameless One was confronted by several of his peers demanding explanations for his creations, expecting reason and discourse. Instead he attacked them, killing several and ripping their mantles of power from them and taking them for himself. In response, they declared war on him, but his power was reaching a point that he was a formidable match even for Daros or Linaria. He began to create soldiers of great power, some even demigods in their own right, to serve him in this war, and their battles raged for centuries. Hundreds of demigods were killed on both sides, victors consuming the power of those slain, the gods replacing their ranks as they could, chaos reigning across both the heavens and Lidoc.  

The Aftermath

  The exact details of the climax of the war are unknown; it is said both Linaria and Daros were mortally wounded defeating the Nameless One and in their dying breaths used their power to create the Abyss and Hell, banishing and sealing his minions there where they are now known as Demons and Devils respectively. The greatest of Linaria and Daros' servants became the gods to oversee Lidoc, creating a new order. They repaired the world as they could as well as destroyed every altar and record of the Nameless One's identity and created barriers to limit gods power to directly affect Lidoc.   The Greater Gods   Adilia, the Goddess of Life 
Phirulla, the Goddess of Death 
Thyrea, the Goddess of Nature 
Khaverton, the God of Knowledge 
Baltar, the God of Strength 
Nakiton, the God of Trickery 

Archdeity Xamros

  Some myths, stories, and even clerical orders will tell of an archdeity, Xamros, the Balancer, who was the original god before and above all others. According to them, Xamros created the universe as well as Daros and Linaria and subsequently charged them with its management.


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