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Bleak Scree

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From Mining Town to Monster Town
The region of Bleak Scree used to have all the features of a mountainous mining town. Sitting on the shallow slopes of the Mot D'nir-Trinen, it provided a plethora of iron and platinum for both continents and housed a large portion of the local dwarves and orcs. Mining operations took place for 4 years until disaster struck. roughly 2 miles across the mountain ranges, there was a cavern culminating in a stone door. When the miners opened it to stoke their curiosity, it was revealed to be a floodgate as water poured in from the far side of the mountain range. There were only three survivors from within the mountain.

The water pouring through the mountain would escape through an array of mining channels, drenching the town with enough force to topple any buildings that weren't made of stone. Those who sought refuge higher on the mountain reported that days would pass, leaving the locals believing that it would never stop coming. The town of Itsanfut would be destroyed as the water settled into the lowest region of the valley, flooding the majority of the infrastructure. With none of the remaining buildings serving as sufficient housing, they would set up camps while waiting for Augury support to arrive. A single messenger was sent.

Upon returning without so much as a carriage from the Augury, the messenger was met by no survivors. Assuming they had traveled to the dwarvish settlement of Denemenir, he would make his way back northeast. To this day, no one knows what happened to the survivors, though a small drawing of a creature was found in a toppled house. Modern incarnations of the story claim that when the flooding occurred and the Bayou of Brambles was created, a spirit of the marsh awoke, taking vengeance on the town for occupying its territory. Others claim that the beast was imprisoned behind the floodgate. No one knows for sure, and all sightings alluding to the Beast of Brambles are hearsay.


Itsanbramble was the robust iron mine of Bleak Scree. Regardless of its rich resources, no mining companies have ever returned to its caverns due to the legends surrounding the area; however, there have been a few investigative dispatches sent on behalf of the Augury. Thankfully, no complications were experienced in the several 3-week stays but reports claim that more floodgates were found deep within Itsanbramble. None were opened, but concern has been raised about the mines of Denemenir eventually making contact with the Bleak Scree channels. While authorities publicly claim that the concerns are regarding floods, many believe information about the Beast of Brambles is being hidden. Perhaps there are more behind the floodgates?


Itsanfut was the steadily growing town outside the resourceful mountains to the North. A majority of the houses were built upon the side of the scree, precariously buried within the small rocks. Thankfully, the southern end of the mountain range was never known for high seismic activity, ensuring that the terrain would not fall upon them.   While houses on the mountains were made of mud, those at the foot were built with wood from nearby trees, which were notoriously water resistant thanks to the conditions of the marsh. While periodic rain and flooding were expected, rushing waters from above were not. When the floodgate was eventually opened, all of the houses at lower elevations were eviscerated. It was within Itsanfut that the single scrawl alluding to the Beast of Brambles was found.

Bayou of Brambles

The Bayou of Brambles may appear like a natural entry into the marshes down south, but the entire formation is considered artificial. Before the great flooding, there was no water in bleak scree for a full mile to the south, where the original Bayou provided travelers with entry into Mot D'nir. Now, the Tara-Jhen and Naga-Tel of the area claim that the broadening of the Bayou has devastated their ecosystems and agriculture, though that falls on deaf ears in the Augury.   Within the new bayou, one may find swathes of drowned houses and debris. Go a bit farther, and many believe you will find the elusive Beast of Brambles.

The Beast of Brambles

Little is known about the infamous Beast of Brambles, but various legends and theories aim to solve the mystery of this strange beast. Perhaps one of the most popular ideas is that the Strand-Blood Cult had summoned or otherwise created this creature before eventually imprisoning it within the drowned interiors of the Mot D'nir mountain range. Perhaps intended as some sort of weapon, the creature now seeks vengeance not only for its imprisonment but its initial summoning.   As for the disappearance of the town's inhabitants, most assume that the creature slaughtered and ate them. Another theory is that the creature does not eat at all, but takes them to a hidden dominion, similar to the Krimits in central Mot D'nir. Given the messenger's 2 week walk to ask for help, the beast would have plenty of time to pick off the population. Given that no gore was found in the town upon the messenger's return, however, there is one intriguing theory that remains: telepathic manipulation. It is not unheard of for reptilian or eldritch entities to herd sapient individuals through telepathic control. For example, Kadelkonatl and Korahaman both took control of Kaban civilizations to further both parties' needs. Is it possible that the Beast of Brambles is a spirit similar to these gods incarnate? No one can say for sure, as it seems to prefer lurking in the shadows if recent expeditions are anything to go off of.   The Augury is currently accepting any information regarding the creature, and the city of Goldwalk is particularly interested thanks to its proximity. If any passerby see "a creature of 8-10 feet adorned with no less than 8 limbs and great glowing eyes," it should be reported to the local authorities.
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A Day in Bleak Scree, by Everis Dumont

"My fire hisses from moisture in the lonesome night, surrounded by companions in little moonlight. My travels of the world have brought me from Renad, to Eldurgrund to the Icelends and Silse, but none have compared to the dour Bleak Scree. Surrounded by houses (once homes) drowned by greed, I imagine what happened after the messenger fleed. I close my eyes and imagine drenched peat as dry lands and soil where marsh and mountains meet. The sight is impossible as I look to the south, where wavering water bears teeth of Mot's mouth. Deep beneath the waters, there's horrors, I know: a deep sullen dread where the mute spirit goes. Regardless of harship, I close my eyes and imagine the history behind marsh's cries. I see children laughing with mothers care free, I see fathers work hard, building houses with glee. It's the mines for the dwarves, where their strength is well used, and with time this small town becomes quite a view. But before long, the story does end. Back in the depths where the flood gates extend. I see them first open, I hear children plea; but as I open my eyes, the sounds reach an end. I look to the south, at the water and trees, and I think not of rest during my stay in Bleak Scree"
— A Day in Bleak Scree, by Everis Dumont, the Encyclopedic

Bleak Scree: Location

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