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The Hawk-Frog

Very odd little beasts, these hawk-frogs, nearly as odd as their name. Most frogs are... frogs. They jump into water and swim in it with their front and back legs. But these ones, their front legs are batwings and they hunt prey like a hawk. Old tales say there used to be giant ones that would prey on human folks who unwarily crossed their path. I don't find such things convincing, but then, I never thought these existed until that peddler showed me the wings.

Basic Information


Scholars have noted that the hawk-frog is basically a frog, except it has a tail, and its forelegs serve as some sort of wings, which when it propels itself into the air, can be used to glide, allegedly, up to twenty yards. Nobody is quite sure how they manage it or why they do it.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Hawk-frogs are famous first for their odd nature of hunting, which some say stem from the Fae interfering with the natural world too much, although few have ever seen them. The other reason they are famous is that they are believed to cure lung-diseases when their wings are severed and ground into a paste. Once this is accomplished, the paste is swallowed by the person with the illness. It is believed that the wings, being infused with Awen that was used to create them, transforms the diseased lungs into the healthier, cured form. Whether this is accurate or not, nobody has been able to catch a hawk-frog and find out.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are highly scattered in the isles, usually found in remote mountain swamps that circle the edge of ancient lakes.

Average Intelligence

They're not.
Conservation Status
The hawk-frogs are under no sort of protection and they are assumed that they will always exist, although they have always been rare and very difficult to find.
Average Height
6 inches
Average Weight
2-3 pounds
Average Length
8 inches


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