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Fae Silver


Material Characteristics

Raw Fae silver, which is rarely seen by mortals, is unlovely and rough, typically a chunk of rock of a dull white coloration. Yet despite that, a chunk of the raw ore would be worth more than any king's gold-hoards. Once shaped, it takes on the gleam and shine of silver, with the hardness of finest iron. Despite that, it always seems to weigh the perfect amount for the user, even if they were not the ones for which it was made.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Anything made from Fae silver is quite cool to the touch and its feel hints at the texture of dusk on a warm summer evening, although why that might be can only be described as an effect of the enchantment that lies upon it in its forging.

Origin & Source

No human knows the origin of Fae silver, other than that it most likely comes from the Fey. Some claim that it is made of solidified starlight, bound in glamour webs, and shaped by enchantment into whatever the maker desires it to be. Others say that it is mined from the Fey just as any other ore is mined. Regardless, the crafting and origin of Fae silver is one of their greatest secrets.

Life & Expiration

Fae silver is known for its longevity, even compared to the finest forged iron. It does not rust, tarnish, or otherwise degrade over the years. Blades of Fae silver will never lose their edge or break, armor will never shatter, and jewelry will shine forever as if it was new-created. As far as enchantment is concerned, no enchantment that lies upon a creation of Fae silver is known to have ever worn out as long as the item itself existed. This has led some to speculate that enchantment is woven into the item during the forging process.

History & Usage


It is the primary metal used by Fae- The Ancient in all of their forging, although they will use normal iron, copper, gold, and bronze as well, but less frequently. As such, it has always been associated with myths, legends, and magic. Only the greatest mortals have ever been gifted something made of Fae silver and fewer still have managed to recover some of it from a slain Fae.

Everyday use

For humans, it is most associated with swords, armor, and jewelry, but the Fae use it for things as common as dishes, cutlery, chains, and things that mortals would use more mundane metals for.


Trade & Market

Rarely do mortals have the chance to purchase anything made from Fae silver. Rather, on the occasion that it passes into mortal hands, it usually happens as a gift for some reason or another. However, it is sometimes possible to find some odd item crafted from the material in Fae Market, although its price is likely to be exorbitant.
Very Rare
Fae silver seems to glow under moonlight and starlight, not very brightly, but just enough for there to be a glimmer. This glow is a cold silver in color and under broad daylight, it looks like very pure silver, although it does not tarnish like silver.
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