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Omyhx Deepwood

The Omyhx Deepwood is the infamous northernmost part of the Omyhx Thicket, located in the capital province of the Nefadric Empire, Ubos. For nearly two milienia now the deepwood of the damned forrest has thwarted all but the most tenacious efforts to uncover it's secrets. Where the outskirts of the Omyhx Thicket haven seen light development with a few labor camps, lumber camps and hunting lodges strewn about and even can be traversed somewhat safely by specialists, such as the Omyhx Stalkers. On the otherhand the Omyhx Deepwood is so inaccessible, so dangerous, so hostile and outright evil, that none of this is possible. There are only a handful that have managed to venture into the deepwood and even fewer who have made it out alive to tell the tale.   With the First Northern Hunt in 729 AR, master marksmen Haladavar Aegwyn aimed to explore the Omyhx Deepwood. Neither he or his expedition force of 250 men made it out alive.


Most of the Omyhx Thicket is loctated on through and through rough, muddy ground and this holds especially true Omyhx Deepwood. Also due to the proximity to the blackrock mountainrange, the Omyhx Deepwood lies on a slope, further adding to the dificultiy of the tarrain.

Fauna & Flora

The Omyhx Deepwood is single collection of thick thorny shrubs amidst cursed trees, hiding thier bloodthirsting spike-like roots in the underbrush, ready to impale any creature foolish enough to venture that deep into the forrest. Nearly all of the trees in the deepwood are bloodtrees and have disgusting coruption swollen trunks and red fleshlike leafs, which tint the faint light that manages to pierces the canopies in a unsetteling dark red light.
Alternative Name(s)
Northern Omxhy Thicket
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