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Fun Guys' Fungi

Written by SlipperyJester

This a stub and is a work in progress! your feedback is greatly appreciated! -Jester  
"Come one! Come all! To our mushroom stall! We have mushrooms to eat, we have mushrooms for sleep! Fun Guy's Fungi! your one stop shop for mushroom chops!"
Markus was always energetic when market opened, exited and thrilled to do what he loved. He often sat behind the main display table on a rather large Flathead Mushroom that had petrified. His own little Toadstol.

Incredibly simple and small, this market stall was quite the show. Specializing in Giant Brown Mushroom, Common White Mushroom and Golden Mushrooms. The shop was no more than an 8 foot table with a crafty awning and roof. The roof itself was made from large plastic tiles sewn together with copper wire. Held up by many charred thin logs. Making a small room with open front. There was a small door at the rear of the stall too. Shelves adored the two side walls with bright Golden Mushrooms, and a pile of Giant Brown Mushroom sat neatly stacked into one corner. Boxes hidden from view kept a nice stock for the day.   While being a small stall, that did not mean this was under looked in any way. This little nook of the market stayed quite busy. This became a well known place were people could come and trade for a safe source of food. Common White Mushrooms, and cuts of Giant Brown Mushrooms were very popular. Another unique item sold here were their beautiful Golden Mushrooms, thought to be what made Markus such the cheerful individual he was.    
"Golden mushrooms are the cure all for anyone! Take a small amount daily, break a cap into seven equal parts and ingest with your breakfast, and notice they help relive the anxiety and stress of leaving home. Take in the evening, and they can help with sleep! You can even take the whole cap if you'd like to have a fun night, they can make you hallucinate, and visit other worlds!"
-Markus' sales pitch to an inquiry about Golden Mushrooms


The small stall looks simple enough from the outside, but there are a lot of moving parts that allow Markus to do what he does day in, and day out. Markus works with many Foragers of the area to ensure he always has a fresh supply of mushrooms to sell from his stall. On top of that, he has two helpers that assist in taking the trade compensations. These are close friends to Markus. He has to ensure the trades that come are worth their value to either the Foragers for their product, or to other stalls here so he can continue to operate.
Market stall
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