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Korth A1 Korth, The Planet Cast into Ruin

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Korth, Alpha 1, or A-1 as it's more commonly known. This Earth like planet has been designated as the solar system waste planet. Rockets and drop ships fly in on a 2 month cycle and simply unload all the systems garbage. Everything from toxic waste, food scraps, dead bodies, and "beyond repair" scrap. You name it, and it has probably been on a waste list at some point. Capitalism continues even into the space age, and consumerism is practically at it's peak. You see, the Solar System is bountiful in resources. Several planets provide ample opportunity to create new things. Technology as a whole for the system, prefers creating new items, vs the repair of old. Scraping items became a craft forgotten by most. Used to brand new things, once old, simply discarded. This is why Korth was designated as the waste planet.   The "Alpha 1" suffix came afterwards, marking this planet as the test for the project. The Project? Not only being the waste planet for discarded items. But for people too. Keeping up with prisoners, and jailing them simply comes at too great of a cost, and no corporation wants the responsibility. It was voted on that any tier 2 offender, or higher was sentenced to be discarded on Korth.     If you are not sure where to start, for now, click on History of Korth Timeline, this will give you an overlook on how things came to be, and some of the events and milestones that took place. If you are more interested in seeing some of the details of the world itself, dive into the Codex.  
Title Screen Image sourced and created using Artbreeder, by SlipperyJester