Vynoch Journal

Written by SlipperyJester

This document was the personal journal of an early Forager. It is unknown it's exact date written, but given the condition of the journal, it has seen heavy use. Due to the writing, it appears this may be the work of several authors.     A rectangle of well cut thick, red plastic covers the front, a thick cut of black plastic the back, although the back cover is slightly translucent. Four holes pierce each cover through a stack of roughly 30 sheets of thick paper. Each hole is tied with electrical wire. It appears as the electrical wire has been singed, or burned at is knot points as the wire is melted into a shiny copper ball. Both sides of the cover adorn heavy scratches and dirt. The paper inside is in impressive condition considering the cover of the journal. It appears as if the cover once held writing on the front, although the plastic did not make a good medium, and the writing looks to have long been worn off.   Please click read document to read what was written in the journal.
Journal, Personal
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