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Giant Brown Mushroom

These goliath mushrooms are most distinct by their size. Being up to 4 feet tall, with caps often 3-4 feet in diameter. These mushrooms are light brown in color with a soft beige stem. These mushrooms are quite resilient in growing conditions once reaching their larger sizes. The outer layer of the cap hardens, protecting the mushroom flesh inside. These mushrooms are very high in calories providing ample food that can feed many people. The consistency once boiled is similar to meat, and has a taste similar to chicken.

Basic Information


The size of this mushroom is massive. Other than size this mushroom does not hold many interesting visual queues. The mushroom itself once matured will grow an outer shell around the cap, protecting the flesh of the mushroom from sunlight.

Genetics and Reproduction

These mushrooms drop spore pods from their gils under the caps. These pods are about an inch in diameter almost perfectly spherical and have a fragile external shell. Once broken unleashing millions of mushroom spores.

Growth Rate & Stages

Due to the size of this mushroom, it takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks to reach it's first growth stage, during this stage no cap has formed, and the mushroom stem itself grows to about 3 feet, resembling a stump. The second stage, taking an additional 2 weeks, the cap forms out of the top of the stem before growing to full size. Full maturing of this Mushroom takes around 6-7 weeks.

Ecology and Habitats

This mushroom not only thrives of dense forest, but requires it. It's mycelium is almost as big as it is underground, drawing nutrients from all plant life around it in a large area.

Dietary Needs and Habits

This mushroom pulls nutrient's from plants and trees in the nearby area. However it is also very vital because it acts as a load-balancing for these plants. Ensuring each one has enough to survive and thrive. Only then does it pull excess for itself, once enough nutrients is stored in the mycelium, the fruit bodies are formed.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

A staple food source. Identifiable by almost all, this mushroom is what most Forager hunt for. Providing enough food to feed 6-10 people for a week. These giant mushrooms are incredibly calorie dense.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

These are slightly rare due to the amount of nutrients required from the mycelium to create the fruit.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Last 1-2 weeks once harvested unless dried
Average Height
up to 4 feet tall. With a stem diameter of 3-4 feet.
Average Weight
40-60 pounds.

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