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Common White Mushroom

These mushrooms are fairly small and grow best in low light. They will not last long in direct sunlight. During early morning hours these mushrooms can be very abundant. Not to be confused with White Veiled Mushroom. These mushrooms have no veil, other than that they are almost identical. This leads to many accidental poisonings and misunderstanding about these mushrooms when searching for them. Once picked, these mushrooms can be safe to consume for around 4-5 days before starting to decompose.

Basic Information


These are small common mushrooms. They 3-4 inches tall with a cap around 4 inches in diameter. Often referred to as Button mushrooms due to their size. They have no veil on their Gils. Which is important to identify due to them being nearly identical to White Veiled Mushroom.

Genetics and Reproduction

Common white mushrooms release their spores through gils underneath their cap.

Growth Rate & Stages

Common white mushroom mycelium grows fairly quickly, and can reach quite far. Fruiting bodies are slightly less dense when appropriate conditions are met. Fruiting bodies however can almost grow fully mature in a 6-8 hour span before reducing and decomposing in direct heat or sunlight if left unpicked, it will return it's nutrients to the mycelium.

Ecology and Habitats

This mushroom can be found almost everywhere on Korth. Often loosing out to more aggressive mushrooms if they are already present, or grow into common mushroom mycelium. These mushrooms thrive in low light, moist environments. They are often found in early mornings as these conditions are met.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Being the most common mushroom type, this is a food staple for those smart enough, or dumb enough to eat them. Those smart enough have learned the different that separates these mushrooms from the White Veiled Mushroom and can collect large quantities quite easily. Those Dumb enough, simply do not know the dangers involved. It is incredibly easy to mistake this kind of mushroom and ingest deadly poison.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
4-5 days once picked.
Average Height
They 3-4 inches tall with a cap around 4 inches in diameter.
Average Weight
3-4 Grams wet.

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