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Golden Mushrooms

Golden mushrooms get their name from their appearance as well as their effect once consumed. In small amounts, these mushrooms are extremely healthy, and can assist in curing some ailments. However when consumed in large amounts they posses a slight sedative effect and can cause of stomach discomfort and nausea. This can last 8-10 hours. After these effects it is possible to experience vivid hallucinations. Because of this, these mushrooms are sought after by many who know their properties for both a form of medicine, and recreation.

Basic Information


This mushroom is very distinct as it has a very unique appearance. While quite small this mushroom has a thick stem, and smaller cone shaped golden cap. Some equate it's appearance to being phallic due to it's shape.

Genetics and Reproduction

This mushroom reproduces by releasing spores from it's gils, although due to it's shape, the amount of spores dispersed is quite small in comparison to other mushrooms.

Growth Rate & Stages

This mushroom reaches full maturity in 12-24 hours of growth.

Ecology and Habitats

These mushrooms can be found in almost any area in Korth, although they are often found in close proximity to large rock formations.

Dietary Needs and Habits

This mushroom and it's mycelium route food from nearby plant life. It thrives in rocky climates as it pulls nutrient's from loose broken sediment found there.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

These mushrooms are collected and dried mostly for recreation by those who seek them due to their hallucinogenic properties. Although these mushrooms can also be used in small amounts to improve nutrition and lead to a healthy diet.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Effects diminish after 1 day if not dried after harvesting
Average Height
4-6 inches tall. With a cone shaped cap almost as thick as the stem

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