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Aelurie is a High Elf living on the outskirts of Aeluinstaror with their parents in this small village which is not far away enough to be regarded as its own settlement. They have their own infrastructure, but you know how it goes sometimes.
They have four siblings and are sitting right in the middle of them age-wise. Aelurie is trained and schooled in a mix of home-schooled and in school/on the training grounds closer to the capital. Later on they move closer to the schools and between lessons, potions, archery and endurence training they venture through the vast forests, the lakes and rivers, having fun on their own and doing what a young elf is supposed to do. That includes developing a (sometimes cuddly) friendship with a slightly older elf.
They have a relatively good standing with their parents and younger siblings, but the older siblings are more serious about life choices. One is aiming to become a Mortal God, the other one is digging deep into magical research.
Their ventures into the great capital of the High Elves brought a lot of things with it including being a giggling stowaway to Mearis for fun and curiosity. Humans are a rare sight in the capital and they were really, really - no, you don't get it! - really curious to meet them. And Dwarves. And other beings and to see the world. This developed around their age of 450, which is a bit early for an elf, but not unusual.
They got caught in the market by one of the sailors and brought back to Aeluinstaror. It wasn't their first runaway and it won't be the last. The next one would be to visit the Copperkin dwarves. That was going to be fun.
After that adventure they start to taking their lessons a bit more serious and that brought them into the focus of the council for being their elf on the inside of the University of Hulwar. Normally they wanted to craft jewelry or pick up something different during their travels in their Isif-phase, but life had different plans for them. Not the Eternal, just... life.
Admission was done by their parents with the help of a minister and the Owlpanther brought the acceptance letter a few weeks later.

Identity & Character

Aelurie Female Form by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
The female side of Aelurie goes with they/them & she/her as pronouns. This side of the elf is cheerful, energetic, curious and friendly, as friendly as an elf can get. They are still serious about anything they say and are a bit more ... generous how they clothe in contrary to the male side, favouring silk, linen and wool with as much pockets as possible.
In terms of magic they prefer to use shields and defensive spells, but as the male side they are also capable and willing to use offensive spells, they just don't want to because they believe in talking and not killing. Not that they wouldn't do it as a last resort. They favour daggers and shortswords in normal weaponry.
Besides that they like warmth, cuddles, a good fire (camp or hearth), blankets, reading and a good wine. Food is also very much appreciated, but both sides do like that.

The male side of Aelurie goes with they/them & he/him as pronouns. This side of the elf is careful curious, more serious, not so energetic in nature and appears to some people as grumpy while they are just observant and more focused.
In contrary to their female side the male side of Aelurie is more for clothes in leather, linen and iron (chainmail for example), preferably practical and sitting tight.
This side of Aelurie favours more agressive tactics and spells with the help of more mobile shielding spells. In addition to that they also favour shortswords and longswords, sometimes bows.
They also like to cuddle, have their solitude where they can focus on things like learning, love strong mead and liquor, the smell of freshly chopped herbs and the bubbling of brewing potions. A good meal is very much appreciated.
Aelurie Male Form by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
Aelurie, spoken Äi-Lu-rieh-e
Aelurie means "Starhair" or for the more literal meaning "they with starlight in their hair"
Female likes
-silk, linen and wool
-shields and defensive spells
-daggers and shortswords
-a good fire (camp or hearth)
-cozy blankets
-a good wine
Female dislikes
-Short quills
-Damp/cold clothes
-Cold beds
Male likes
-leather, linen and iron
-agressive tactics and spells with the help of mobile shielding spells
-shortswords, longswords, bows
-have their solitude where they can focus
-loves strong mead and liquor
-the smell of freshly chopped herbs
-the bubbling of brewing potions
Male dislikes
-Wool, especially scratchy ones
-Overly manly confidence (yuk!)
-Getting tickled
-damp/wet boots
-Dull knives
Current Location
they/them; he/him; she/her
bright blue-green
long silver hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
a bit tanned
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Dec 18, 2023 17:50

I really like this concept of these very opposing sides and I think it's very brave to make such a character an important figure. But I would really like to know a little more about their inner thoughts and character traits. Do they know about each other and if so, what are each's opinions about the other? If not, how do they deal with each other's actions when they learn what the other side has done? What do other people think about them?

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Dec 18, 2023 19:26

Thank you and yes, it might be brave and stupid and I possibly burn myself with it, but we will see how it turns out.

So, as mentioned it is not like that Aelurie has two different persons in their head like multiple personalities. If they change from one side to the other, they do share their experiences, their memories and their feelings. I don't dare to describe it simply as moods, because it is more than that. It is a feeling deep down that you are today not in the situation to be female, to be cheerish or energetic. That you don't like your breasts today or your male genitals. You need the "other" side - not that Aelurie thinks about it as the "other" side - and if you are feeling in a day or week or month, you change again.

Aelurie is one of those elves who are comfortable in their own body and does not favour the female or male side unlike the Silver Elf later in the plot who prefers their male side for whatever reasons. Which is normally a topic which isn't adressed, it is mostly noted and everyone is like "Alright".

In multi-species communities and/or situations just like the University it is polite to announce that they have two sides and introduce them over the course of days or weeks so that people aren't confused. For Aelurie it is a bit easier because of their hair. It is not uncommon that the hair of an elf changes as well.

So in the case of Aelurie there are no different personalities or different memories or blackouts. It is possible that people are like "I do enjoy your male/female side more" for whatever reasons, be it the different energy, the optics or just the expression in their eyes.

I hope I could answer your questions to Aelurie a bit.

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Dec 18, 2023 19:38

Thank you very much, it helped a lot to understand the character and their environment even better.

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Jan 22, 2024 11:59

Die Dualität der Elfen in deiner Welt ist so schön das Gegenteil des eher "Androgynen" Stereotypes.
Allerdings stell ich es mir als Author echt übel vor, die diversen ansichten der Beiden Seiten im Fokus zu behalten, während du die Geschichte durch die Augen einer solchen Person schreibst.
gleichzeitig wechselt sich die Hauptfigur fundamental und ist dennoch immer noch die selbe.
Kudos, dies anzugehen und weiterhin viel Erfolg damit!

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  • Jan 24, 2024 16:29

    Freut mich zu hören, dass es mal was anderes ist und gefällt.

    Es kommt drauf an. Es gibt im Grunde drei Varianten der Elben: die einen unterscheiden sich nur körperlich, haben aber den gleichen Charakter. Dann gibt es Elben wie Aelurie, die sich körperlich und charakterlich unterschieden, aber immer noch dieselbe Person sind und eben auch die gleichen Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen haben. Und dann gibt es Elben - welche auch die seltenere Variante sind - die tatsächlich zwei Persönlichkeiten haben, die nichts bis wenig voneinander wissen, sich weder Erfahrungen noch Wissen teilen und wirklich zwei Personen in einem Körper sind.

    Mein größtes Problem wird daher sein, die Ansichten und Gefühlswelten der jeweiligen "Seiten" im Blick zu behalten. Wo die männliche Seite nur ein "Hm", "Grmpf" oder "ok" von sich geben wird, ist die weibliche Seite eher "Oh ja!", "Aber klar!" und "Yippie!"

    Also danke, ich bin gespannt, ob ich das hinkriege :D

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