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A world once home to the Ancients; several all-powerful beings who lived in harmony, until Kathe was killed by an unknown force. Kollark was thrown into mayhem, and Jusicial, the Ancient of Balance, created the Borders before all fell into disarray.   The world is divided into Provinces, which are separated by the Borders. In each Province things work differently; the laws of physics and magic change. People cannot cross the Borders except for the Divines created by the Ancients and the few beings who are Borderless.   Those who have abilities (called Gifts) are known as Suplum. They range from small things (such as causing people around you to feel more positive) to very big, dangerous abilities (the ability to completely destroy anything you touch). Though Suplum are not common, they are hunted by groups who believe they are too dangerous to continue to live in peace.   Thousands of beings belong to Kollark, from immortals to Divine servants, mortal, non-Gifted peasants to hero Suplum. Now the Ancients have hidden themselves away, leaving only the Divines to care for Kollark and all its beings, while the mystery of Kathe's death still haunts everyone, whether they believe the myths or not.