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Kollark Magic

Written by IbbyWondrous, created by Amevello Blue
"From Kathe poured everything that was; their essence belonged in all, and all were are part of them. From Pote drifted nothing; the pure absence of Kathe, the absence of anything at all. From Kathe comes active magic; new, pure magic that fills up anything in its path. From Pote came negating magic; magic that could stop active magic from filling up a space. Jusicial was the balance of the two, the one that made neutral magic that could slide between the spaces of nothing and everything, the magic that could work with both."
— Excerpt from "Ancient Magic" by Celinar Minore
by Amevello Blue
Magic is a metaphysical force that exists in Kollark that is capable of altering reality, and is intrinsic to keeping the stability of reality. It is derived from the The Ancients, Kathe, Jusicial, and Pote, and is aspects of their essence that can be controlled and manipulated by creatures or objects.   There was once a universal magic system, but when Kathe was killed suddenly, their essence was broken apart and formed different, smaller entities that evolved into completely different forms of magic that when interacting can cause catastrophic effects on really, the ends in matter and magic being torn from reality entirely. To prevent this from destroying reality, Jusicial created the Borders to contain these small essences into small regions. Because of this, magic can differ greatly from province to province.    

Neutral Magic

Neutral magic is a sort of universal magic system derived from Jusicial that can exist in all provinces and not conflict with active or negating magic. This is usually passive magic that exists inside of beings.   Gifts and Divine magic is considered neutral magic. The Borders and Borderless also function on Neutral Magic.  

Active Magic

Active magic is a diverse and evolving form of magic that is incompatible with other forms of itself. Forms of active magic are separated by The Borders in order to prevent the destructive consequences of them interacting. That being said, active magic can behave wildly different from province to province, with it's own rules and laws and restrictions.  

Province Specific Magic



Avenir was once a neutral province, until The Marquis, being borderless, brought in active magic from elsewhere, and it integrated into the province. The people of this province must where masks that control what they do and how they act while in public.


Cochel's magic causes irregular weather patterns, cause it to consistently rain 24/7. It never floods in the province, despite constant precipitation. Rain can range from light drizzle, to heavy monsoon.


This province is well-known for having powerful beings called the Faer that live in a parallel dimension the size of the province. The Faer use a powerful form a magic known as "Deep Magic".


Known for the location being the location of Ancient Rest, where Kathe died, triggering the strange magic evolution.


A mountainous province where the population has to retreat underground to avoid massive, dangerous monsters that stalk the surface.


People in this province are all effectively were-animals, and turn into animal forms during the full moon, but retain their memories. Rarely animals will become human as well.


This province suffers from a horrible disease known as Bloodbloom, that spreads from cursed flowers that only grow in this province.


Naku is an island that is scorching hot and constantly on fire, including the oceans, which burn blue. It is the birthplace of the Phoenixes.


Known for possessing an ore exclusive to the region, that is supernaturally weightless, but strong enough to support an infinite amount of weight on tyop of it. It is used to build the massive structures in its capital.


This province lacks sunlight, even during the day. Its flora and fauna are bioluminecent and can survive in the dark.


Shonova is in a perpetual twilight, with the sun rotating around the horizon. When people sleep in this province, they enter a collective dream world were they can manipulate reality to their whim.


A province with powerful magic and witches who are naturally skilled at casting it.


Once the home of shapeshifting magic users, the province is currently only populated by borderless and a race of insect-like people known as Miinu


In VIers, water spirits form from any large body of water in the province.


The province produces magic crystals that radiate energy and can be used as a power supply.

Negating Magic

Negating magic derives from Pote, and its is an unrelenting destructive force. It its natural form, it cancels out any existing magic, except for divine magic. Such is the case for the Province of Tavarez which is an entire province full of negating magic, causing magical items to stop working and magical powers to cease functioning.   When conflicting active magic collides with each other, it can tear a rip in the fabric of reality, causing intense negating magic to take over and destroy everything in its path, until everything has been wiped from existence. Such is the case with the province of Darholm, which was destroyed all the way up to the borders, leaving a vacant pit of void and emptiness in its wake.   Negating magic also occurs in naturally Borderless species such as centaurs and phoenixes, and is thought to be the reason why they are able to cross the Borders.

Other Magic

Chaotic Magic

Chaotic magic is a force not yet understood by most people, even the most experienced magic users. It is a force that seems to defy the rules of normal magic tyoes. It acts on its own and does at it pleases, and no one has yet been able to harness its power. Many unexplainable and nonsensical magical occurrences in the world have been chalked up to chaotic magic, such as the Suplum's extreme aversion to the Borders.  
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There are a select few people who believe that choatic magic is stemmed from a yet undiscovered Ancient of Chaos meant to oppose Jusicial's balance, as Kathe's everything, and Pote's nothing does. Its possible Chaotic magic is what caused active magic to split and act so erratically in the first place.

Divine Magic

The magic used by the divines, which is a very powerful form of Neutral magic that is not effected by negating magic. For example, Divine magic items, such as the Imisuk, as well as the immortality of the Divine Servants are not effected by the negating magic forces of Tavarez.

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