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The Ancients

Kathe and Pote always touched, as is the nature of everything and nothing. Kathe sang out to fill the empty void around them, and Pote listened, at first too afraid to speak as well. When they did, Kathe was overjoyed, and the two sang together. Their song was so overwhelmingly beautiful that the universe gathered together in a dance to encircle the two, creating Jusicial.
"The Universe Danced and Other Ancient Tales" by Dolvi Kettel
  Omnipresent beings that are formless, and have an overpowering voice that can control the very fabric of the universe itself. They existed in eternal balance until Kathe, the Ancient of Everything, was killed by an unknown force and Pote was forced into an eternal sleep. Jusicial tucked themselves away into hiding, allowing the Divines to keep Kollark in balance with only the occasional nudge, strictly regulated by Jusicial.   There are only three Ancients:   Kathe; the Ancient of Everything   Pote; the Ancient of Nothing   Jusicial; the Ancient of Balance.

Basic Information


by Amevello Blue
Ancients are mostly formless, as the way they look changes constantly. The Ancients tend to keep an androgynous, humanoid shape without any sort of features other than a single color, which can change shade and saturation depending on their mood. Often small, vaguely shimmering particles can be seen swirling slowly about their form. Though featureless, facial features that mimic humans' will appear when an Ancient is feeling especially emotional.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Ancients cannot reproduce and have no DNA, but they can create anything they wish from merely speaking it. Myths tell of Kathe and Pote singing together, and this was what created Jusicial.

Ecology and Habitats

The Ancients were said to once live in the Ancient Rest which used to be a large field of soft grass and wildflowers, a light sunshower constantly falling. After Kathe died there, Pote who filled the crater with their tears and made the skies dark with their mourning. Jusicial eventually came and pulled them away, going into hiding.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Incredibly intelligent; they can calculate how each decision will effect the future, and can run through every possible outcome in seconds. They can know infinitely anything and everything all at once, and uses this to make decisions.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Ancients have a booming voice which commands such power that the universe bends to their words. Because of this, they speak mostly to each other in their minds to not risk creating something unwanted. They are able to sense anything at any time with a mere thought.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Ancients chose their own names, usually because they like the sounds it makes.

Beauty Ideals

Because of their default forms being mostly featureless and merely a vague shape, Ancients tend to find any specific features to be undesired. It would be similar to bursting

Gender Ideals

The Ancients are sexless and have varying genders, ranging from pangender, genderfluid, and agender. Because of this, they exclusively use "they" as a pronoun.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship among the Ancients isn't considered courting. They are asexual and aromantic and keep strong platonic relationships with one another; Kathe and Pote were especially close before Kathe's demise.
Genetic Descendants
Average Height
As tall as they want
Average Weight


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