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Borders & Provinces

Created by Amevello, Written by IbbyWondrous
"The first time I ever saw the Borders, I was 8. I found them fascinating and endlessly beautiful. I was too young to realize that sticking my hand through one was equivalent to the act of a Divine; I was much too interested in the swirling colors that arced away from my touch."
— "A Borderless Guide to Provinces" by Glace Marten



The Borders are the barriers that contain the provinces and their magic. They act as walls that are hard and solid, impenetrable for all but Borderless species. Inanimate matter that has not been altered by magic can pass through the borders as well, but if it has Active Magic attached to it, it cannot. For this reason Suplum often feel strange and uncomfortable near them, and tend to avoid them.   Some borderless have Negating Magic enhanced pouches that can allow a magical item through, but this practice is heavily monitored by the Divines to ensure nothing destructive gets through.


They are translucent, vaguely violet in color, with a swirling iridescent texture that moves like water. It ripples and flutters when touched or passed through by a borderless species. The walls of the borders stretch all the way into the sky, far into the clouds and into the atmosphere.They also go all the way down, deep into the earth and sea. Light passes through them easily and they don't cast a shadow.   Each Border is hexagonal in shape, forming a grid across the whole planet. The Borders only seem to cover land areas, and leaving a massive chunk of open ocean known as the Borderless Sea.


Provinces are the territories contained within the Borders. Each cell acts as its on unique, self sustaining enity, with its own government, culture, and laws. Since each cell was designed to contain small essences of magic, each province can have its own kind of magic that greatly effects the natural laws of the area, what lives there, and the people within it.   Provinces often have basic communication their neighbors on the other side of each border. At most a province can have 6 of these neighbors. They are were they retrieve supplies, goods, and news about the world. Many provinces have embassies, where buildings are built up against the border, parallel to each other to give the illusion of a continuous building. The spaces inside allow people from different provinces to speak privately and in as close proximity as they can.  


These impenetrable walls were created by Jusicial after the death of Kathe, nearly 1000 years ago. Its unknown what caused their death, but what is known, was that afterwards their body broke apart, and their magic changed and evolved rapidly and chaotically, and when these pieces collided, they would tear rips in reality, which would allow Pote's essence to destroy everything it touched. To stop this, Jusicial trapped each instance of changed magic into a an inescapable border, soon covering the whole planet with them.   The initial reaction to the Borders among the mortal populace was panic and outrage. In an instant, everyone was cut off from each others. Families from their loved ones, travelers from their homelands. Entire civilizations and countries were cut in half. It was a dark and chaotic time as the world dealt with this sudden isolation. Soon Borderless would appear, people who could cross the barriers with out issue and even carry supplise through them. The borderless became a invaluable source of supplies for many provinces.   Over time things would calm down. People would accept the state of things and adapt to the isolated world, Many were too busy dealing with the strange changes new magic brought to their provinces. Though many still long to see the world, and will go to great, even dangerous length to escape the confines of their homelands.


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There's no option to like or comment a map, so I decided to drop a comment here. Nice work on it! How did you make it?

Jun 29, 2019 02:30 by Ame Blue

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