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The Province of Miinu

Created & Written by IbbyWondrous

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Bituin, formerly known as Tinsael, has been moved to it's own setting in the world of Smallscale What remains in this page is not canon and acts as more of an alternate universe version of Bituin.

We came to this place looking for a place of our own, we were the only ones who could get inside this desolate place. Ironic, that a province once so desperate to escape, that they destroyed themselves, was now full of people who could come and leave whenever they wanted, who now found solace in it."
— Gillian Minau


Tinsael is a province that has been nearly abandoned by its original human inhabitants who disappeared hundreds of years ago. The only people who remain are those who live in the borderless town of Woodvern, or other smaller settlements near the borders. Because its original human inhabitants were gone, the only people who live in the province now are Borderless and decendants of them. Its is a region of frequent travel as its the location of the official Borderless Guild.   The rest of the province is inhabited by a race of human-like insectoids known as Miinu who populate the majority of the woods and abandoned structures of the province. The Miinu and the borderless of Woodvern don't interact much, due to the Miinu looking like average insects to the villagers. The Miinu have their own government system which differs from the rest of Tinsael.


The original architecture that was built by the Precursors were constructed out of stone and mud, and formed simple, step-stone shaped buildings and pyramids, or adobe styled houses. There is plenty of evidence of religious shrines where arthropods were the primary focus of worship. When the precursors disappeared, much of their infrastructure was abandoned and left for nature to take over. Many buildings now sit in ruin, covered in moss and overgroth, while others have collapsed into rubble and stone.   When the Miinu arrived, they lacked the strength and technological know how to recreate these structures, so they learned to build their own shelters. Miinu Houses can be made from anything from the inside of trees, mushrooms, small wooden twigs and leaves, or even trash left behind from modern humans.   When the borderless moved to the region, they brought more of their modern architecture with them, with Woodvern being made out of mason buildings in the main town, or cabins further out.


Tinsael is located on the continent of Askuna on a coastline province to the North West. It's province neighbors Arwyn. The mainland of the province is mostly flat, humid woodlands and beaches. Off the coast is a large tropical island where most of the precursor ruins remain, and where many of the more diverse creatures live.  

Flora & Fauna

The humid environment in Tinsael is perfect for tropical plants and flowers to grow. Frequent rains give the plant life plenty of water to grow nice and lush. The plants on the island tend to be so dense and large that its difficult to navigate that area without proper tools.   The province is known for being incredibly bio diverse, especially with its arthropods. The province sports the highest number of insect and arachnid species in the world, many of them being hybrid species that can't be found anywhere else. Some have even claimed to spot insect species that wouldn't otherwise live in habitats like Tinsae wandering around.
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When the Borders rose, the humans living there developed powerful shape-shifting abilities, and are known by historians as the Miinuvian Precursors. They worshiped insects and believed if they could change their forms to be exactly like a bugs down to the DNA, that they could escape the borders. They created the Fossil Stones to harness their power, however, when they attempted a massive, province-wide spell to acomplish this, it backfired, and the Precursors vanished. Shortly after they did, the first Miinu came into existence.   The province was emptry and largely abandoned for years, until Borderless travelers found the region and opted to settle there, as a safe space for borderless. The town of Woodvern was in 768 AB founded shortly after as the first, and only major town in the reason, though since then a few smaller settlements have cropped up as the population increased.


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