A Favor for the Fae Queen

As always if you want to pull an encounter or character for use in your own game sessions feel free. I would just ask you let me know if you players got the reference and how they enjoyed it.   You and your party, through some turn of events, have found yourselves temporary guests of the Winter Court. You are rather enjoying your stay, taking no small delight in the otherworldly entertainment and foods that are never more than a short jaunt away.... although the weather does leave a little to be desired for some. As you are leaving some revel or another, a subtle shiver passes through your surroundings, and the path that you were sure led back to your lodging just moments ago is now leading to a clearing. Passing ubeneath an archway made of ice roses and snowdrops you enter a forest clearing covered in pristine snow and illuminated by the light of the aurora, at the center of which Mab, Queen of the Winter Court is working on an intricate ice sculpture.  
come friends, fear not, you are here at my invitation
we find ourselves in an awkward situation and were hoping that,
in return for the hospitality that you have enjoyed in our court,
you would be willing to assist us.
  a member of our court borrowed some books from a mortal wizard
that they might be transcribed into our library
however said member has found themselves in a situation that they are no longer able to return these books
while we remedy the situation they have found themselves in,
would you be so kind as to retreive the originals from our library
and return them to the wizard Kurtas Echo
our Champion of the Hunt shall guide you on your way
  Do this for us, and you would be considered a Friend of Winter
  The party is engulfed in a whirl of snow and finds themselves back in the Winter Court. A small hummingbird the color of glaciers lit by the aurora flies up and starts talking.  
Sir Flickerwing Frostspear at your service. Knight of the Winter Court, Three TIme Champion of the Wild Hunt, Baron of the Veiled Gardens.... well you get the point.
Unfortunately the main entrance to the Library is currently closed to mortals, while Gazaath is fixing the anti-theft enchantments. Never fear, if we take but a short jaunt around the outside of the Court we can go through a side entrance and avoid any unplesantness that may result from getting lost in an endless maze made by a god.

The Journey to the Library

  With that, Sir Flickerwing sets off through the woods that... weren't there a second ago? Maybe they were, you did talk with Mab in a forest clearing, right? As you travel, you notice that the seasons seem to be shifting almost at random around you, likewise, day and night are not progressing as you think they normally should.   "Dont fret now. Once we get a little distance from the Court we can take a short cut, we will be at the Library in no time," say Sir Flickerwing.   -1 The party comes to a starlit clearing just in time to witness the end of a duel between 2 unknown fighters. As the final blows land the one wielding a sword falls over, crossbow quarrel standing out of his chest. The victor turns and takes a couple of staggering steps towards the party and pauses, raising his head up. As he finally focuses on the party, he raises up one had, finger pointing towards the party, and sighs out "Bang" before falling to the ground, dead.   -2 As the party enter a clearing in the woods a strangely catchy tune starts playing, seemingly coming from every direction. Once the party passes through the clearing they find themselves enterign the same clearing from a different point. "Oh no," Sir Flickerwing exclaims, "this is not what we need right now. We were supposed to be miles away from here. Now what was the trick to this again?"   -3 Sir flickerwing pauses and looks at the party seriously. "Now i need you all to listen very carefully, this next stretcch can be a bit tricky. We shall proceed single file. make sure you look only at the person in front of you, no matter what happens or what the voices say, do not look back. do you understand?"   4- A crowd of Fae are gathered around a Battle of the Bards. There are cheers and cries of dismay as the current war of words ends. You have, sadly, entered the clearing into the challengers area, and the herald asks who you are sending up against the current champion, Sir William Shakes-the-spear.   -5 A pot and kettle sit over a well maintained campfire with some clean utencils sitting on a stump nearby. As the party approaches an argument can be heard, apparently between the pot and the kettle, about who's contents taste better. On noticing the party, they call you over and offer samples so that you opinion may be tallied. see effects tables for any who ate the stew or drank the mulled wine   -6 Sorcerers wearing strange Serpent-healmed armor are engage in a battle with some fae forces around a strange upright ring carved with unfamiliar runes. One of the fae hails the party and requests aid in repelling these invaders.  

Retreiving the books


The Flotsam Highway

Sir Flickerwing Frostspear leads you through the lands surrounding the Winter Court and you rapidly find yourself on a coastal beach that you are quite sure you have never seen before.   "Welcome, to the Flotsam Highway," he chirps. "Two days at most and we shall be at the workshop of Sir Eddison of the Grail. Keep your eyes peeled, one never knows what treasures may have washed up on these shores."  
For each 8 hours that pass, and/or each watch overnight, have all concious party members make a perception check (DC15). On a success, they notice a valuable trinket or common magic item washed up on the Flotsam highway. This is left up to the GMs discression but can be anything from a lost family heirloom or favorite childhood toy to magical trinkets such as a cloak of billowing or smouldering armor
  -1 A pot and kettle sit over a well maintained campfire with some clean utencils sitting on a sun-bleached log nearby. As the party approaches an argument can be heard, apparently between the pot and the kettle, about who's contents taste better. On noticing the party, they call you over and offer samples so that you opinion may be tallied. see effects tables for any who ate the stew or drank the mulled wine   -2 A small fey child, an owlbear in a red vest, a wild boar, a giant jackalope, and a weretiger sit watching the sunset. As the party approaches the child glances at the party, lets out a sigh and says "Tut-tut, looks like rain, best head inside everyone." As the strange group climbs into a magical portal underneath a driftwood log a raincloud takes up residence directly over the party and stays there until they reach their destination.   -3 A party of strange people stands on the beach looking confused and a bit annoyed. They all wear uniforms in a similar style, but different colors, perhaps denoting a different house alligence. As you grow nearer you hear an older bald gentleman in red shout "Dammit Q, this isn't funny! Return us to the Enterprise at once!" But, regardless of how close you get this group seems not to notice your party.   A mischievous voice speaks in your heads "Jean Luc does seem a bit angry. What do you think, should I send them home, or leave them here to cool off a bit until he asks nice?"   -4 A lonely pine calls out to the party from a crumbling precepie above the Flotsam Highway. It is the last of a forest that offended the ocean long ago, and knows that its time is near. It wants to hear one last story before it precarious perch crumbles and it is washed out to sea.   -5 As the sun sets the party comes across a tiny, nearly complete corvette sitting in the shadow of a wrecked ship of the line. A rabbit approaches the party and requests help finding suitable timbers on the wreck that could be used for the masts of their pirate hunting vessel.   -6 From an alcove you hear a call. "Oy! you lot look hungry, and it just so happens we have an opening in our eating competition. Prizes for the top 3 finishers, and i'm sure adventurers like you can tuck away more than your fair share of grub. Whaddaya say?" The other challengers assembled consist of:
  • A black-haired monk in a orange gi
  • a talking dog
  • a scruffy looking human in a green tunic
  • a small round pink creature of some sort
  • an orange house cat
  • Have any party members participating make constitution saving throws of increasing difficulty as other competitors start to fall out in the order of the cat-->the monk-->the dog-->the human. Regardless of rolls, it is impossible for any party member to beat the small pink creature, who will consume not only his own food, but all the leftover food of other competitors. despite consuming many times its own volume in food the tiny pink creature never changes size.  

    Kurtas' Tower

    Possible rewards/escelations for the random encounters Along the Flotsam highway
      1- anyone who ate the stew from the pot gains temporary hit points. For those that drank from the kettle, come up with a fun random potion effect, such as they can hear the stars taking bets on their success, or they float 6 inches off the ground, but still have to walk to move and can still stub their toes or hit their ankles on this as if at ground level.   2- The rain is magical and will follow them into their shelter, but becomes soothingly warm once indoors. they are magically clean.   3- This is purely for entertainment purposes, regardless of what the party chooses Q will send the group back the the Enterprise. If desired the party can find a strangly shaped wand of scorching ray (lets be honest, its a phaser)   4- Inspiration to the story teller. Alternatively, a magical staff gifted from one of the trees living branches. If a combat encounter is desired, have water elementals attack the tree/cliff during the story.   5- A small horn that can be used to summon fae creatures (rabbits and a badger) to help in combat, can be re-useable or one time only depending on GMs discression   6- A suitable reward, inspiration for any player that actually dances IRL. Alternatively, the dancing of some party members can be used as a distraction for a more sneaky (or violent) party member to sabatoge the other contestants. The reward is a purple magical stone of some sort and/or a tiny awakened bonsai tree.  
    The Journey to the Unwritten LIbrary
      1- A magical sword and handcrossbow. inspiration to anyone who gets the Cowboy Bebop reference. Another possible outcome is having a corgi nudge the corpse of the "winner" to try to wake them up and having the party adopt a pet. Because Ein is awesome and deserves a good home.   2- A magical item of some sort for every party member. But they are all cursed in mildly inconvenient ways.   3-This is a "cartoon logic" cliff, if anyone looks back, they will realize that they are in fact looking down and fall to the bottom of the cliff, taking damage as appropriate.   4- A token of appreciation if they win or lose, Obviously they get a better one for winning. the check to beat Sir William should be a DC16 or higher   5- Same as above.   6- This can be a combat or a non-combat encounter, These are jaffa, No one quite knows what it is doing in the Fae. A couple Staff of Firebolt's would be reasonable loot, as well as cobbling together 1 or 2 sets of armor that is suitably magical as to be considered a reward. Alternatively, they may find a Wand of Shocking Grasp that mysteriously works at up to a 30 foot range (as opposed to touch)


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