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The lakeships are the only method to swiftly get from one side of the large lake known as the Shar to the other.   The basic design of the lakeships has remained unchanged throughout the past century. They are carvel-built vessels bearing a high-rounded stern with an aftcastle as well as a forecastle. They commonly possess three masts, as well as bowsprit at the stem, although there are a few four-masted ships. All this makes them large enough to be stable in the choppy waters of the Shar and big enough to carry large quantities of cargo and passengers.   Whilst all lakeships have a similar outward appearance, there are two types: those whose journey is naught but ferrying people from the large city of Nulshar in the north of the lake to Rolshar in the south; and the ore ships that, despite the name, carry all manner of raw cargo. These types rarely do each other's tasks, albeit, some passenger models can find themselves repurposed as ore vessels, such as the lakeship commandeered by Darshan vris Mhanek after the captain, believing them to be dead, abandoned both him and his husband during their visit to The Gilded Cage.


Lakeships are sailing vessels and rely heavily on the wind to get them across the Shar. Often, they get a little help via the crew's complement of spellsters manipulating the wind in the captain's favour.

Weapons & Armament

Like many sailing vessels that have at least a handful of spellsters aboard for aid in propulsion, they are also brought to bear on the rare occasion that they are targeted.

Armor and defense

Given the lack of pirate activity found upon the Shar, the biggest threat many lakeships face is the occasional storm whipped up by the constant burst of magic used to power the sails. This has led to strengthening sails and rigging whilst shedding anything that might make a ship cumbersome.
by Tissen
Used by
Current location
6m (20 feet)
19m (62 feet)
108 tons.
8 knots
Complement / Crew
Roughly 40 people.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100-120 tons of cargo.


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