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That old wingless thing

This may be the first flying ship in the history of the Second World. If it wasn't, it was build with the same planes, an by the same engineers, back in the early years of Discovery Age. Those builders where considered mad at the time, and even the other member of the Axtatxa clan laughed at their first attempts, which took place before the arrival of the Conquerors from the Eight World. Those models where copies of the little, functional flying devices used to deliver packages between close distances.   With the tech and magic brought by the conquerors, the engineers made this new model, which was very different and didn't have the wings like the original devices. That cause more laughs, but the ugly, wingless thing worked just fine, and become a step in technology and communication evolution.   The ship was designed to move huge amounts of goods to sell all over the world, since that was the clan's business. With the pass of the years, as they engaged in the production of some traditional or innovating items, the ship was adapted to include factories too.  
The Wingless

Power Generation

The energy used in the daily operations of the airship is mostly magic-based, but some of the machines on the boiler room use coal and/or wood to function. Some of the production areas use magnetic electricity generators.


The first propelling system designed in the Second World of Grista was used in small flying machines that could travel small distances really fast. It served as a base to develop the systems used in classic ships, even when most of those traveled by water.   With the Eight World's Conquerors arrival and subsequent colonization, this mechanism was quickly replaced by technologies known by the newcomers. Just like it happened with so many things in the Second World.   Unlike the lot of local cultures, the Axtatxa clan kept their ways and held their secrets, somehow managing to deal with the aliens as equals instead of acting like vassals even when their city was now a colony and their queendom didn't exist anymore.   They did replace the engines on their ships, but they also used the new technology to create a new kind of ship, one that could fly using the oldest mechanisms.   Centuries has past since then, and the Wingless still uses the original system, even when they are trying a newer version of the old mechanism that improves the stability of the ship.

Weapons & Armament

The Second World is a peculiar place, where the only form of crime is scamming but they still put powerful weapons in every ship, building and city. The Axtatxa clan was, for a long time, the only culture who didn't follow that implicit rule. They even got rid of the old fashioned canons that The Wingless originally had.   They don't have any issue with the personal armament that the new members of the clan bring with them, as long as they aren't too heavy and don't require much space.

Communication Tools & Systems

Crew members have their own personal VC (a local device used to send and pick radio signals) or even magical communication means. To minimize the risk of entering quiet zones, the ship counts with its own repetition system. It's not infallible, though.
The wingless
Currently unique. Fortunately.
1700 ft
1.10 miles
68 - 104 mi/h
Axtatxan Engineers
Owning Organization
Axtatxa Clan

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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
1 Oct, 2021 20:12

It is a beautiful hunk of junk ("ugly wingless thing")! And sounds very functional.

Read about the ancient history of the Anhult Wildlands in my Challenge article, Echoes of the Past.

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2 Oct, 2021 04:55

Yeah, it should be. Thanks for reading!