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Blinding Trust

Despite of being an impressive example of magic mixing with technology, this device is known mostly for it's horrible purpose: turn a normal person into a living puppet. This effect is irreversible.   While the The Sovereign invented them to be the perfect weapon, many Conquerors consider them "cheating", excessively cruel, dangerous or outright evil.   Because they are quite powerful and difficult to build, they are reserved as a trophy for those considered worthy among certain groups (usually Sovereigns)   There is just a few of them in the universe and The Enlightened Worlds Community has collected most of them and they are partially destroyed and kept in a safe place (in different safe places).

Manufacturing process

A group of powerful magic wielders participate of the process of physically modifying the weapon, using the same materials, tools, and/or magic than usual. From the outside it may seem like they are doing something common, like fixing or decorating the object, and that they are very slow to work, maybe even a little clumsy.   What the witness wouldn't know, is that they are also applying a relatively new spell used to temporary confuse or manipulate people (sometimes this is enhanced by the use of certain substances or materials with the same effects, as part of the physical modifications), and several forms of murderous magic, that will eventually turn the item into something that will enslave instead of killing.   More often than not, the creation of this evil object causes severe damages to the health and sanity of everyone present, being particularly dangerous for those that are involved in the construction process, but it's thought that if they have enough witnesses and somehow manage to link them to the spells (usually by using them against them) that will minimize the effects on the builders.
Item type
Raw materials & Components
  • An ordinary weapon or projectile.
  • An extremely malleable and preferably strong material
  • Tools
  • Magic
  • Ordinary tools may be used to manipulate the other elements, depending on the people involved in the process
  • Related technologies
    Forbidden magic that means to temporary weakening the will of a person
    Some think that the construction process was stolen from the designers of the Acervos
    Two unreliable sources affirm that there a similar effect has been seen on Earth for unclear reasons
    Known users
    An unknown collectionist


    Author's Notes

    In case you are curious the people mentioning the "similar effects on Earth" were Decklan and Sou. At least the first was talking about fiction. As for Sou's story... well, she may have been dreaming, or visiting a parallel universe were fictions collide ;) ;)

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