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Langdale Lizardfolk

The ssstreetsss are yoursss... The ssswampsss are oursss...

The lizardfolk who inhabit the Village of Langdale region of the Kingdom of Sorrano are generally looked upon as brainless, dangerous reptiles by the majority of individuals who do not live in Langdale. For those people who do live in Langdale, however, the lizardfolk are invaluable partners. For centuries, as the kingdom was first being settled, the Langdale region, while swampy, was seen as an intergral crossroads for any future kingdom success. Sure enough, today the Village of Langdale represents both a land and sea crossroads for trade and safe passage throughout the kingdom. The Great Woods and Heart Rivers converge in the Village of Langdale, and anyone making a journey from one end of the kingdom to the other, no matter in what direction, will almost certainly pass through the Village of Langdale. After far too long, a peace was established between the lizardfolk and (mostly) humans that had settled where the rivers meet. Over decades the peace has evolved into a partnership, and the people of the Village of Langdale couldn't imagine life without their scaly friends. Beyond the swamp, however, most citizens in the Kingdom of Sorrano would much rather not have anything to do with Langdale Lizardfolk, and vice versa.


Major language groups and dialects

Draconic and Common. Langdale Lizardfolk and the people who reside in the Village of Langdale have also developed a regional dialect that combines aspects of draconic and common into something that the locals refer to as "Dracommon".

Common Etiquette rules

Langdale Lizardfolk view the inhabitants of the Village of Langdale as helpless creatures who could never survive their without their help and protection, and wiser inhabitants of Langdale do well to reinforce that view whenever they interact with their lizardfolk neighbors. It is customary for Langdale inhabitants and the lizardfolk who reside in the swamps surrounding the village to greet each other with a hand over their chest and a nod to signify their mutual peaceful intentions. Failure to do so will almost certainly provoke an aggressive response from the lizardfolk.

Major organizations

Shamans of Semuanya
Shamans of Semuanya are the holy people of the Langdale Lizardfolk who both take care of and provide the sole source of any spellcasting for their brethren. These shamans are held in much higher regard by the people of the Village of Langdale as well.


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