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An Earl in the Kingdom of America is the lowest rank of nobility, residing over counties within states. The constitution allows for up to three Earls per state. Earls are appointed by the King of America after being nominated by the Chancellor of America. Earls perform royal duties delegated to them by Dukes. The son of an Earl is styled Viscount. The eldest viscount inherits the County.   Thomas Jefferson became the first politician to reject the appointment of earl out of protest of the monarchy in preference to a republican form of government.   A prominent early earl was Henry Clay, Earl Fayetteville and the first Libertarian Earl to be appointed since the founding of the party. He used the position to press the issue of slavery and male suffrage to the attention of the monarchy. He was later promoted to Duke following his leadership as Chancellor of America during the Texas Rebellion.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
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